Roku has a lot of different streaming services available, including both live TV and on-demand content streaming apps. Apart from just American channels, we have a lot of other language channels streaming on Roku, including Spanish channels. If you are looking for the best collection of African TV channels, then let’s find out the same in the following section. We have the African TV Networks app available on Roku, on which you can enjoy watching popular TV channels from Africa. Some of the few channels available on this app include TRT AVAZ, TRT, BBC One HD, Kanalturk, Star Plus, Star Gold HD, Vox Africa, 2STV, and more. Let’s find out how to enjoy watching the African TV Networks app on Roku.

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African TV Networks Subscription Plan

There is only one subscription on the African TV Networks app. You can get access to the channel at $9.99 per month.

How to Watch African TV Networks on Roku

With just one channel on your Roku, you can get access to a huge collection of African TV channels. All you need to do is, add the African TV Networks app from the Roku Channel Store. Let’s get started.

1. Turn on your television and connect the Roku device through the HDMI port.

2. Make sure that you connect your TV to a strong and stable Wi-Fi network.

3. From the Roku home screen, select the Streaming Channels option that you can see on the sidebar.

Streaming Channels

4. On the next menu, move to the Search Channels option and click on it.

Select Search Channels

5. Making use of the on-screen keyboard and the search bar, you can search for African TV Networks.

Search Channels

6. Pick up the African TV Networks icon from the search suggestions and click on the Add Channel options.

African TV Networks on Roku

7. Wait for the channel to be added to your Roku and then click on the OK button.

8. Next, launch the new African TV Networks app on a device by clicking on the Go To Channel option on your screen.

9. Follow the on-screen instructions to Sign In to your subscription to the African TV Networks app.

10. Finally, find your favorite live TV channel inside the African TV Networks app and start streaming it on your TV.

Alternative Method to Add African TV Networks on Roku

1. Initially, turn on your smartphone and connect to a stable Wi-Fi connection.

2. Next, open the Roku Mobile App and sign in to it if you already haven’t.

NOTE: If you haven’t installed the app, you can install the Roku app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

3. Tap on the Devices tab from the lower right corner and pair your Roku device.

Select the Devices tab

4. Next, select the Channels tab.

Select Channels

4. Following that, select the Channel Store option from the menu.

Select the Channel Store and add African TV Networks to Roku

5. Here, you can search for the African TV Networks app and find it.

6. Next, click on the Add Channel option and start downloading the app.

7. Follow the instructions to complete any purchase if needed.

8. Next, enter the Roku Account Pin when you are prompted with the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I watch African channels on Roku?

You can add the African TV Networks to watch the African channels on Roku.

2. Is African TV Networks free?

The African TV Networks is free to add on Roku but to add it, you need to pay a subscription of $9.99 per month.