Alibi is a popular British cable TV channel that streams British and US crime dramas. Some of the crime dramas you can watch are Bite Club, Carter, Covert Affairs, Crossing Lines, Clarice, Copper, Deception, Death in Paradise, Evil, Gone Girl, Forensic Firsts, and more. But the problem here is there is no standalone app to stream the Alibi channel on streaming devices like Roku. However, there are a lot of alternative ways you can try to stream the Alibi channel.

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How to Access Alibi Channel on Roku

There are two ways to stream the Alibi channel. They are:

  • Using Sky Go
  • With TVPlayer

Sky Go

Sky Go helps to access Alibi channel on Roku device

Sky Go is a platform that offers its service free for Sky Go users. It includes over 1000+ movies, hundreds of entertainment channels, and a wide range of programs from the on-demand library. Even you can watch over 73 live channels. So, if you are a Sky TV subscriber, Sky Go is the best platform to watch the Alibi channel.


TV Player is a streaming app

TVPlayer is a home for premium quality documentaries which is a great value internet-based TV subscription service. Also, you can watch over 40+ live TV channels through TVPlayer. This is a home for premium quality documentaries about sports, history, true crime, Adventure, and more. So, get the subscription from TVPlayer at $5.99 per month and stream the Alibi channel with other 40+ channels.

For now, you can use these two platforms to get hold of the Alibi channel. In the near future, there are possibilities where the Alibi channel could be added to the Roku Channel Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the alternative platform to watch true crime on Roku?

Netflix is one of the best platforms to stream true crime dramas.

2. Is Alibi Channel free?

No, Alibi is a popular British pay TV channel.