Apple TV+ is a subscription-based streaming service featuring Apple Originals, Award-Winning Series, TV Shows, and more. You can stream content on Roku with a valid subscription. It is easy to install as it is directly available on the channel store. In some situations like poor bandwidth, Roku software bugs, technical faults in remote, etc., You will face difficulties in watching Apple TV content in such cases. Hence, you need to identify the causes of problems with services on Roku and troubleshoot them by yourself. After deep dive into practical research, I have listed some useful solutions to fix Apple TV not working problems with Roku.

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Remedies to Fix Apple TV Problems

These are the major issues you may face on your Roku when you watch Apple TV+ content. So the remedies are very useful to fix and learn more about the problem as it can either work, don’t work, or else you can think another way.

1) Restart Your Modem and Router

Suppose if you have an unstable internet connection, you cannot stream Apple TV properly. In such cases, you need to check your modem and router to see whether it is working properly or getting good signals from the cables. Restart your device to fix the issue and restore your network bandwidth.

2) Restart Your Roku

This is an easy option to turn off the device and erase the in-built cache. This might work because electronic devices generally store cache memory, and it affects your performance when you’re trying to stream HD videos. The restart option helps to reload the pages as well as fix internal bugs.

NOTE: To restart your Roku TV, go to Settings > System > System Restart > Restart. Finally, your Roku TV will be turned off and will power on automatically.

3) Reset Your Remote

You need to check your remote if it is working properly or not. Sometimes your remote battery may have drained out without swapping it. In such a situation, you feel that it is from the device instead of your remote. So regularly check your remote batteries in time. You can manually restore it by pressing the reset button on the backside of your remote.

reset button on roku remote

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4) Reinstall the Channel

If you feel that problems may be due to internal or software technical issues, uninstalling the Apple TV app is the solution. By doing this, your previously stored data, including built-in cache and network traffic, will be deleted. Then, reinstall it again by navigating to the Roku channel store.

remove channel option on Roku

5) Reset Factory Settings

You have to reset factory settings to default if the previous solutions no longer work. This will completely reset the software back to default so you can get things ready if it’s a technical issue. Reset to defaults is the best choice to clear the issue on Roku.

Factory reset option on Roku system settings

6) Clear Cache on Roku

In alternative cases, your Roku TV may be the reason why the Apple TV is not working on your Roku. And the core reason is because of the cache stored on your streaming device. So, only the Apple TV on your Roku keeps crashing. And in the below section, you will learn how to clear the cache on your Roku TV.

  • On your Roku remote, press the Home button five times.
  • Next, press the Up Arrow button once.
  • Then, press the Rewind button two times.
  • At last, hit the Fast Foward button two times.

And finally, the cache stored on your Roku TV will be cleared. Now, check the Apple TV app on your Roku TV that if it is working or not.

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7) Contact Roku Support

If any of the measures don’t work, kindly visit the Roku support webpage to resolve your query. This is ideally the best option to understand the issue and find a solution for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Apple TV work on Roku?

Yes, the Apple TV app works well on Roku.

2. Why is the Apple TV app not working on TCL Roku TV?

The reason may be because of some technical glitches, bugs, or temporary issues. However, you can fix those issues by yourselves.