Streaming devices are an emerging trend in the entertainment field. With a lot more streaming devices, many fall into the question of which is best, whether Roku or Apple TV. When a product is being compared to another Apple product, we clearly assume it to be the flagship product. Although the Apple TV 4K is more expensive. Does it provide a better overall experience than the Roku ultra? Since both streaming services have their ups and downs, they both do immense work in streaming content online. So let’s dig into the battle of Apple TV vs Roku in this comparison guide.

Pricing and Specification of Roku

Check out the top Roku models along with the specifications

Roku ExpressRoku Express 4KRoku Express 4K+Roku Streaming Stick 4KRoku Streaming Stick 4K+Roku UltraRoku Ultra LT
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Pricing and Specification of Apple TV

Comparison of Apple TV devices with specs and pricing.

Apple TV 5th GenerationApple TV 4K WiFiApple TV 4K WiFi and Ethernet
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Installation Setup

  • The installation steps for Roku and Apple TV can be done without the help of any technicians
  • Unbox the package and connect your streaming device to your TV using the USB port or an HDMI port.
  • Then connect your streaming device to a WiFi network and follow the onscreen instruction to finish the setup.

User Interface

A streaming device must need a neat and interactive UI for the user to search through the available media content.


Roku UI vs Apple TV UI
  • The Roku comes with a simple and neat UI for navigation and for customizing the device settings.
  • Roku has grid-style app tiles on the right that show the downloaded and recommended apps to install for users.
  • You can easily navigate to an app and manage its subscription, update it and do a lot more on the home screen.

Apple TV

Apple TV UI vs Roku UI
  • Apple TV comes with a neat, sleek User Interface like Roku.
  • Since the Apple TV UI is in grid vise, you may feel a little tougher while accessing apps.
  • You can enable a preview of the features of the app on Apple TV by highlighting it.

Verdict: Even though Apple TV offers previews of an app, the Roku Wins in easy navigation and customization of the app on the home screen.

Collection of Streaming Service

The next thing you want to look for in a streaming device is the collection of apps and streaming services it provides. More we use the TV nowadays to watch our favorite movies on a streaming service. So let’s dive into the app stores of both devices.

App Store for Roku – Channel Store

Roku Channel store vs Apple TV App store
  • In Roku, every app is called Channels. To install apps on your device, you need to visit the Roku channel store that is available on the Roku home screen.
  • Roku has a collection of famous streaming services like Hulu, YouTube TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Tubi TV, etc.
  • Every Roku user will get a free subscription to Roku Channel, in which you can stream its content on your Smart TV for free.
  • Roku supports some of the IPTV services in its device.
  • Using the Roku website, you can add apps to your Roku device easily without turning it on.
  • You can’t sideload apps on a Roku device.

As an additional feature, you can cancel any subscription you want from the Roku device itself instead of visiting the official website.

App Store for Apple TV – App store

Apple TV App store vs Roku Channel store
  • Apple TV shares the App store of the iOS devices of iPhone and iPad.
  • Like Roku, you can cancel the subscription to streaming services within the Apple TV device by accessing the Settings option.
  • You can avail Apple TV+ subscription free for 3 months while buying an Apple TV device.
  • You can’t side-load apps on Apple TV.
  • Apple TV supports IPTV players in its app store to watch IPTV channels easily.

Verdict: In this Round, Roku wins because the device can be accessed through the website. At the same time, Apple TV lags this feature.

Video & Audio Streaming Quality

The next vital thing to check in a streaming device is the picture quality. A streaming device should stream a picture more than what cable TV offers to its users.


  • Roku supports 4K and HDR content and Dolby Sound system in devices like Roku Streaming Stick 4K, 4K+, Roku Ultra, and Ultra LT.
  • The Dolby feature is only available on the above-mentioned devices and not on all Roku stick devices.
  • Roku supports 60FPS in HDR and 4K videos.

Apple TV

  • Apple TV devices from the 5th generation to the current 4K device support 4K and HDR video support.
  • They also support the Dolby feature on their devices.
  • Apple TV supports 60FPS in its HDR and 4K videos.

Verdict: All available Apple TV devices support 4K and HDR content in their devices. But Roku supports these features in selected devices. So this round between Apple TV vs Roku ends in a Tie.

Remote Control

Roku and Apple TV come with a sleek design remote that consists of many features. With a neat color and compact buttons, both devices have good remote control for their devices.


Roku Remote
  • Roku comes in a purple-black remote color with a handy size.
  • Roku remote comes with quick buttons for streaming devices like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc.
  • If you like to listen to movies without disturbing others, you can enable the Roku private listening features. Just by connecting the headphone jacks to the Roku remote and by using the Roku mobile app, you can use private listening on Roku.
  • From Roku Streaming Stick 4K devices, you can get a remote that comes with a headphone jack in it.
  • You can use the Mic button to communicate with the Roku device.
  • The Roku remote has an anti-slippery base in its remote back to prevent slippage from hands.
  • You can use the Roku remote shortcuts to restart your Roku in case of troubleshooting.

Apple TV

Apple TV remote
  • Apple TV comes with a sleek and small handy remote in white and black colors.
  • Apple TV remote comes with a touchpad for easy navigation like a mouse.
  • The remote is sleek and small, and it might lose contact with your hand. Best to prevent damage, you need to buy a protective case.
  • You can use the microphone button on the right side of the remote to communicate with Siri inside Apple TV.
  • To enable Apple TV private listening, you should connect your Airpods to the Apple TV devices.

Verdict: In the battle between Apple TV vs Roku, Roku emerges victorious because of the easy, private listening feature and protective features. Even though the Touchpad makes navigation easy on Apple TV, it’s not quick enough like Roku.

Roku and Apple TV Smartphone Apps

Roku devices can be accessed by smartphones using the Roku app on iOS and Android. Using the Roku app, you can manage subscriptions, use the app as a remote, etc. But Apple TV doesn’t have those kinds of apps for its devices. So obviously, Roku wins this round.

What’s in the Box

As a bonus, we have added what the products that Roku and Apple TV come with while purchasing are.


What's in the box Roku Ultra
  • AA batteries
  • Premium Hgh Speed HDMI cable
  • Power Adaptor
  • Earphones for private listening
  • Streaming Player
  • Roku Remote

Apple TV

What's in the box Apple TV 4K
  • Apple TV remote
  • Power cord
  • Lightning to USB Cable
  • Streaming box

Final Verdict

In the final section of the battle between Roku vs Apple TV, we think it is quite out there that both are similar. In any aspect, both give similar kinds of performance aspects.

As per the people reviews and from our side, Roku wins in a cheaper price, picture quality, and providing extra cool features.

Whereas the Apple TV is a little higher in cost than Roku, which offers cool features like an iOS device, and offers good picture quality. Apple TV is the best for those who are into the Apple system and just want a hassle-free streaming device.

So if you need a budget-friendly device with extra features, we suggest Roku. If money isn’t the matter, then we suggest Apple TV.