If you are planning to workout from your home, then installing the best fitness apps will help you. With the best fitness app, you can train from your home with a virtual trainer. Most of the fitness apps have plenty of videos to train you to stay fit. You can watch these videos by installing the app on your Smart TVs with the help of streaming devices like Roku. You can install these Fitness channels on Roku TV or Roku Streaming devices using the Channel Store. Unlike other streaming devices, Roku has plenty of Fitness, Health, and Wellness apps. If you are looking for Fitness Channels on your Roku, then here are the best Fitness Channels available to install.

Best Fitness Channels on Roku

The below is the list of the best fitness apps available on your Roku. You can take a look at each channel individually and choose the one that suits you. You can install these channels on your Roku using the Roku Channel Store.

How to Add and Stream Body Groove on Roku

Body Groove is a subscription-based anti-workout channel used by most people who feel daily workouts are difficult and painful. With ...
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How to Add Tai Chi at Home on Roku

How to Add and Stream Tai Chi on Roku

Tai Chi or Taiji is basically a Chinese martial art. It is practiced as a defense practice, for health benefits, ...
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Gaia on Roku

How to Add and Activate Gaia on Roku

Gaia is a popular media streaming service that focuses on yoga and pseudoscience. It also has content relating to fringe ...
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Figure 8 Fitness on Roku

How to Add and Stream Figure 8 Fitness on Roku

There are a lot of ways today to keep yourself fit and healthy. One of such ways is dance workouts, ...
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How to Add and Watch Team Body Project on Roku

Team Body Project is an on-demand workout channel with over 400+ cardio, circuit, and boxing workout tutorials for any age, ...
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PopSugar on Roku

How to Add and Stream PopSugar on Roku

Do you want to get top-class content on Entertainment, Food, Fitness, and Fashion? Then add PopSugar on Roku. PopSugar is ...
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Jazzercise On Demand on Roku

How to Add Jazzercise On Demand on Roku

Let's dance our way into fitness with Jazzercise On Demand on Roku. The Jazzercise On Demand is an effective way ...
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How to Add & Activate LES MILLS On Demand on Roku

LES MILLS On Demand is the top workout TV channel with tons of classes from the top award-winning trainers worldwide ...
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Daily Burn on Roku

How to Add and Stream Daily Burn on Roku

Are you looking for a proper fitness app on Roku? Then, add the channel Daily Burn on Roku. Keeping yourself ...
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How to Stay Fit with Openfit on Roku Device

If you are more into Fitness, then this article is for you. Openfit is a fitness and wellness channel available ...
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How to Add Beachbody on Demand on Roku

Beachbody on demand is a fitness-based channel that offers you several workout programs, videos, and many more. All workout sessions ...
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How to Install Zwift on Roku Connected TV

Zwift is an online Fitness game for Running and cycling. It is played by connecting your treadmill or cycling machine ...
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peloton on roku

How to Install the Peloton App on Roku

Peloton is a fitness app that helps you to keep track of all your fitness routine. It provides you with ...
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Zumba on Roku

Zumba on Roku: Here’s How to Install and Use

Zumba Workouts is one of the Zumba channels on Roku for exercise and workouts in a different way which is ...
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Add the above fitness channels on your Roku and start working out from your home. These apps are available for free and have paid subscriptions as well. You can opt for the channel that suits you. It is important to keep ourselves fit as staying healthy is good for us. With the best fitness apps on Roku, you can watch all the videos on the big screen and start exercising from your home. During pandemic situations, this is one of the best solutions to keep yourself fit.

Did we miss your favorite Fitness Channel? Tell us more about it in the comments section. We will add it to our list as soon as possible.