Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded and streamed on various devices. The podcasts are usually voice notes of one or more people discussing certain topics. Podcasts can be scripted or improvised and be of any relevant topic. The podcasts can be informative and entertaining. Some of the apps bring to you podcasts from various podcasters, while others let you create your own podcasts. Many of the podcasts are free to listen to while many others have price tags on them. You can use podcasts as an affordable and easier way to express your thoughts and views to others. There are some apps streaming podcasts app on Roku and we shall compare them today. 

Best Podcasts app on Roku

There is some good Podcast related apps on Roku. You might have already downloaded some and still not listened to podcasts in them. So let’s discuss the best Podcasts apps on Roku. Firstly, let’s discuss some popular apps on Roku that have podcasts streaming in them. Having a paid account in these famous apps gives you access to a variety of shows, movies, and series apart from podcasts. Let’s get started now.


1. Netflix

Netflix doesn’t need any introduction as it is a very popular app for media streaming. It has a lot of movies, shows, and series streaming on it in various languages. Furthermore, Netflix brings to you beautiful podcasts as well.

Netflix Best Podcasts app on Roku

1. Because I Watched

Because I Watched brings to you stories from real-life people who tell you how the movies and shows they watched shape them. Listen to these inspirational stories in the voices of hosts Helena Carter, and others.

2. Behind the Irishman

Behind the Irishman is a podcast streaming interview of casts of the Netflix series of the same name.

2. Hulu

Hulu is a very popular online streaming platform with different subscription plans. The streaming pack on Hulu includes exclusive shows, hit movies, kids’ shows, and even music concerts. Furthermore, Hulu has a collection of useful podcasts.

Hulu Best Podcasts app on Roku

1. Your Attention Please – A Hulu Podcast

This famous podcast started on 2020 and has planned to have around 20 episodes every year’ Listen to the host Kimberly Drew to talk about the future and inspiring the world here.

2. Little Fires Everywhere- The Official Podcast

Little Fires Everywhere is an official Hulu Podcast in association with a Hulu Original Show. It is about the intertwined fates of a mother and a child from the Richardson family. 

Apart from these are more podcasts like Loud Women Podcasts, Castle Rock TV Historical Society, and Red Allover: a Handmaid’s Tale Podcast on Hulu.

3. Peacock

Peacock is a popular video streaming platform that rose to its fame in a short time. Apart from the wonderful shows, and series on Peacock, it has some worthy podcasts as well.

Peacock Best Podcasts app on Roku

1. The Peacock and Gamble Podcast

The Peacock and Gamble Podcast, hosted by Ray Peacock and Ed Gamble, was previously streamed on Chortle.

Furthermore, it streams podcasts like Combat Learning Podcast, The Rich Eisen Show, and TravelCommons.

4. StarZ

Starz is one of the best premium cable and satellite television networks in America. It is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment and streams podcasts.


1. American Gods

American Gods is a podcast about a novel turned TV show of the same name.

2. Fathoms Deep- A Black Sails Podcast

This Podcast is a narration on the famous Starz series Black Sails.

Other podcasts on Starz include Exit 143, Jupiter Rooster: The Spartacus Podcast, and Hoist the Colours.

5. fubo TV

fuboTV is a very popular American streaming channel with a lot of sports channels including  NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB. Also, fubo TV streams series, and movie channels including the Discovery networks. Apart from streaming sports, it gives you 250 hours of cloud-based DVR. Now, let’s discuss podcasts on fubo TV.


1. No Chill

No Chill is a famous sports podcast from Gilbert Arenas. This is a vodcast turned podcast from three-time NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas and Mike Botticello. They interview other NBA players and share everything about basketball.

Apart from No Chill, it has other podcasts as well. 

6. Spotify

Spotify is the best music streaming app with music from all popular artists and labels. However, it has podcasts as well.

Spotify Best Podcasts app on Roku

1. The Daily

The Daily is a news podcast from The New York Times, an American newspaper.

2. This American Life

This is a weekly podcast with lots of famous one-hour-long episodes each week.

7. iHeart Radio

Being the best radio broadcaster in America, iHeartRadio streams music, and podcasts. iHeartRadio has online audio weather and traffic stream in some metropolitan areas. Furthermore, iHeartRadio is the leading podcast broadcaster in the US.


1. The Ron Brgundy Podcast

This is more of a talk show featuring Ron Burgundy interviewing others on different topics.

2. Over My Dead Body

It is the story of a couple, Dan and Wendi who undergoes a bad divorce around a murder case involving.

8. TuneIn

TuneIn is an American platform streaming audio streams including live news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts with over 60 million users.

1. The Dropout

The podcast Dropout is a tale of ambition and fame that turns out wrong.

2. Stuff you should know

This is an interesting and informative podcast with hosts Josh and Chuck.

9. myTuner

myTuner Radio, or simply, myTuner, is a Radio app directory/platform from the AppGeneration – Software Technologies. It has over one million podcasts from different places in the world.

1. TED Radio Hour

TED radio hour brings to you fascinating ideas and approaches.

2. Fresh Air

It is a podcast about current-day luminaries from host Terry Gross.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

All the above apps on Roku stream podcasts on different topics. We have explained only some and there are a lot more podcasts you should listen to in these apps. Some of the podcasts bring to you stories based on books and series, while many others are informative. Choose the right app for podcasts on Roku and listen to your favorite podcasts.