On the Roku channel store, you can find a lot of best channels. Even you can find loads of the best music streaming platforms. Furthermore, if you are interested in listening to podcasts, you need to know that there are a lot of best apps to listen to podcasts on Roku. Some of the channels can be accessed for free, and some need a subscription to access the library of podcasts and songs.

One of the best platforms to stream podcasts free
Stream live Radio as well as podcasts free of cost
BBC Sounds
Listen to your favorite podcasts unlimitedly
Spotify Music
Get your favorite podcasts and songs free with ads
Stream your favorites with the best collection of podcasts
Radio by myTuner
Listen to your favorite podcasts from the huge library
You stream podcasts from various categories
Amazon Music
Listen to your favorite podcasts free with ads

List of Best Podcasts on Roku

The following section contains a list of best platforms that you can get to listen to podcasts on Roku.

1. Pandora

One of the platforms you can use to listen to podcasts for free is Pandora. It contains over 1400 podcasts and millions of songs. Also, with the Search feature, you can browse for your favorites as well. You can also become a premium subscriber to listen to podcasts ad-free. Moreover, you have the option to download your favorites for offline listening.

Pandora - Best Podcasts on Roku

2. iHeartRadio

You can find loads of music and podcasts on the iHeartRadio platform. Also, there are a lot of radio stations available for you to get your favorite sports games like football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and more. Even you can access all the content offered by iHeartRadio for free. So, iHeartRadio is the only platform that offers the best podcasts as well as live radio stations for free.


3. BBC Sounds

BBC Sounds are also the best choice to stream your favorite podcasts. It also has the latest music tracks, radio shows, and more. You can listen to BBC Sounds without limits as there is no subscription needed to access BBC Sounds. Also, you can subscribe to your favorite podcasts for free and get on track with the latest ones. Moreover, you can also download your favorite podcasts and listen to them offline.

BBC Sounds

4. Spotify Music

Spotify Music is one of the popular music streaming platforms around the globe. Also, this platform’s library contains one of the best collections of music and podcasts. You can just create a free account on Spotify and enjoy listening to your favorites. Also, you can go ad-free by subscribing to Spotify Premium at $9.99 per month. Even you can download your favorites unlimitedly and listen to them offline.

Spotify Music

5. TuneIn

TuneIn has also made it into the top 5 list of best podcast platforms. Other than podcasts, it also has 100,000+ live radio stations. Some of the best podcast channels on TuneIn include This American Life, Wow in the world, hidden brain, The Daily, and more. But you can only stream these podcasts with ad support. For commercial free ads on the TuneIn platform, you need to get a premium subscription.

TuneIn - Best Podcasts on Roku

6. Radio by myTuner

Radio by MyTuner is one of the platforms that contain over 100,000 podcasts. You can also search for podcasts from categories like business, health, music, education, technology, and more. Also, you can access all these podcasts free of cost. The only requirement is that you need to create a free account on MyTuner. Then, you can access the complete library of what MyTuner offers.


7. SiriusXM

SiriusXM includes some of the best podcasts in the world. You can also filter the podcasts you want by categories like True crime, marvel, Music, comedy, sports, and more. But access to SiriusXM is not free, and you need a subscription to the Platinum plan at $22.99 per month. Then, you can access all your favorite songs, podcasts, and radio stations unlimitedly.


8. Amazon Music

Amazon Music has one of the best collections of podcasts. It has podcasts from categories like History, Leisure, Technology, education, Fiction, arts, News, Government, and more. Like most platforms, you can also access Amazon Music to stream podcasts for free with ads. To stream ad-free on the Amazon Music app, you need a subscription at $9.99 per month.

Amazon Music - Best Podcasts on Roku


1. Is Apple Podcasts on Roku?

No, the Apple Podcasts are unavailable on the Roku Channel Store.

2. Can I stream Podcast for free?

Yes, you can use platforms like iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music to listen to podcasts for free.