The screensaver is something that you see on the screen when it stands idle for some time. The default screensaver on Roku is its logo. However, Roku comes with a good collection of screensavers. You can download it from the Channel Store like any other channel. So let’s explore the Best Roku Screensaver apps.

Best Roku Screensavers

Let’s look at the top screensavers on Roku.

Digital Clock

Digital Clock is one of the most popular screensavers. It resembles a digital LED clock. The Digital Clock displays the time and weather conditions at that time.

Best Roku Screensaver
  • This screensaver has a black background with details in colors. Also, you can customize the colors o the details shown on Digital Clock.
  • Also, you can decide what details you need to see in Digital Clock
  • Also, you can set either a 12-hour or a 24-hour clock.
  • However, Digital Clock doesn’t have worthy animation. Moreover, it gives Roku a classic look than many other screensavers.

Fireflies Screensaver

Fireflies Screensaver is an aesthetic screensaver on Roku. This is more of a customizable screensaver on Roku.

Best Roku Screensaver
  • This screensaver has a collection of backgrounds in it. You can customize these backgrounds to your desired screensavers.
  • Also, you can add Fireflies, butterflies, and bubbles as you wish.
  • In the end, you can make a beautiful customized Roku screensaver.
  • The background images are updated periodically. So, you can use new backgrounds each time.
  • You can also add weather and time details to them.

Floating Circles

Floating Circles are floating colored transparent circles. This is a pretty colorful screensaver on Roku.

Best Roku Screensaver
  • The colors of the Floating Circles can be customized to your wish.
  • Floating circles can have pastel colors. The colors include Blue and Yellow, Red and Green or All colors.
  • This is a free-to-use screensaver on Roku.

Quotes from Shakespeare

As the name suggests, this screensaver is Quote from Shakespeare. All the quotes are carefully picked from the plays William Shakespeare.

Best Roku Screensaver
  • Some of the quotes are popular, while others are not.
  • All the quotes are followed by the name of the play and the characters.
  • Also, you can adjust the speed and color scheme of the display boards.
  • It has over 300 quotes from Shakespeare.

Animated Flip Clock

This screensaver resembles a flip clock. A flip clock was popular before the digital clocks. However, this screensaver is more of a virtual flip clock. You can use the Animated Flip Clock screensaver to set time on Roku. Also, this screensaver gives your Roku device a classic look.

Best Roku Screensaver

Aquarium Screensaver

As the name suggests, the Aquarium Screensaver is aquarium graphics on Roku. There are a few other aquarium-themed screensavers.

  • However, this screensaver should be praised for its graphics.
  • It has very pretty colors and vivid details of the aquarium in it.
  • You can enable a setting on this channel, which displays the name of the fish that appears on it.


Weather4us is a popular weather app in the US. This screensaver app helps you with weather updates and alerts.

  • With Weather4us, get the latest weather forecasts and alerts on your screensaver.
  • It alerts you with updates on national weather, pinpoint forecasts, and national weather.
  • Also, Weather4us has a very attractive animated layout.

Beauty wild nature

Beauty wild nature is a screen saver app with a rich collection of images of nature. These images cover all the attractive phases of nature in it.

  • This screensaver app has images of landscapes in HD.
  • The images include mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and green meadows.
  • Also, it has a few beautiful and attractive 4K images.
  • Further, the app has a library of 1000 images.

All Abandoned

All Abandoned is another screen saver channel on Roku.

  • This channel has a collection of photos of abandoned cities and buildings, around the globe.
  • There are over a hundred images of these abandoned buildings and sites.

Screensaver Collection

Screensaver Collection is a unique screensaver channel on Roku. Unlike the themed Roku screensavers, it has a library of different themes of screensavers.

Best Roku Screensaver
  • The channel has thousands of different screensaver images in it.
  • Also, it includes different themes of images to choose from.
  • It includes Aquarium, News, Christmas, Halloween, Buildings, Art, and Animals.
  • Also, you can add any image from your Google Photos as a screensaver with this channel.
  • Further, you can set screensavers showing weather details with this channel.
  • You can get local weather reports in your area including temperature and sky conditions.
  • Also, add weather forecasts of the upcoming days to your screensaver.

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Wrapping Up

We have discussed the best Roku screensaver. The Roku channel store has plenty of free and paid screensaver channels. However, you might not be sure about these screensaver apps. With the above discussion, you might have made up your mind on which one to choose.