A Roku device streams movies and TV shows to your Smart TV instead of using a cable connection. If you let your Roku device idle for a time, it will show its simple logo as a screensaver. Even to make this boring screensaver to better one, Roku offers some of the best screensaver apps in its channel store.

Best Roku Screensavers

A screensaver feature is a feature that is used to make the boring static screen of your smart TV into an awesome one. Here we have listed some of the best Roku screensavers that help your static screen look better.

Digital Clock

Best Roku Screensaver

Digital Clock is one of the most popular screensavers. It resembles a digital LED clock. The Digital Clock displays the time and weather conditions at that time.

  • This screensaver has a black background with details in colors. Also, you can customize the colors of the details shown on the Digital Clock.
  • Also, you can decide what details you need to see on the clock using the Screensaver settings.
  • You can set the clock to 12 or 24-hour clock format.

Fireflies Screensaver

Best Roku Screensaver

Fireflies Screensaver is an aesthetic screensaver on Roku. Using Settings, you can customize the screensaver on Roku.

  • The varieties of the screensaver include Fireflies, Sakura, and Bubbles.
  • You can change the time format from 12 to 24-hour format.
  • With the Font style feature, you can change the details displayed on your screen as per your wish.
  • You can add weather details on the screensaver.

Floating Circles

Best Roku Screensaver

Floating Circles are floating colored transparent circles. This is a pretty colorful screensaver on Roku.

  • The colors of the Floating Circles can be customized to your wish.
  • Floating circles can have pastel colors. The colors include Blue and Yellow, Red and Green, or all colors.
  • This is a free-to-use screensaver on Roku.

Quotes from Shakespeare

Best Roku Screensaver

As the name suggests, this screensaver is Quote from Shakespeare. The app displays random dialogues from William Shakespeare’s plays.

  • The screensaver displays some of the popular and underrated dialogues from William Shakespeare’s plays.
  • All the quotes are followed by the name of the play and the characters.
  • You can adjust the speed and color of the screensaver display.
  • To add more screensavers to your Roku display, you can download the “More Quotes from Shakespeare” app on your Roku.

Animated Flip Clock

Best Roku Screensaver

Animated Flip Clock is used as a screensaver on Roku to see time from a different perspective like a sand clock. was popular before the digital clocks. You can use the Animated Flip Clock screensaver to set time and to know the weather details on Roku.

Aquarium Screensaver

As the name suggests, the Aquarium Screensaver is aquarium graphics on Roku. There are a few other aquarium-themed screensavers.

  • The app offers a normal and oil-painted version of the screensaver to your Roku TV or device.
  • If your TV is good in graphics, you can view the aesthetic and enhanced colors of the screensaver display on your Roku.
  • You can enable a setting on this channel, which displays the name of the fish that appears on it.


Weather4us is the next one on the list to know more about the atmosphere details.

  • With Weather4us, get the latest weather forecasts and alerts on your screensaver.
  • The screensaver regularly updates the weather info around your area.

Beauty wild nature

Beauty wild nature is a screen-saver app with a rich collection of images of nature.

  • This screensaver app has images of landscapes in HD.
  • The images include mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and green meadows.
  • The screensaver supports attractive screensavers in 4K formats.
  • The app consists of a library of 1000 images.

All Abandoned

All Abandoned is the next screensaver app in which you can get to experience some of the chilling feels of the places that are abandoned.

  • This channel has a collection of photos of abandoned cities and buildings, around the globe.
  • The app consists of over 120 more abandoned images in the app.

Screensaver Collection

Best Roku Screensaver

Screensaver Collection is a screensaver channel on Roku that consists of a different genre screensaver on its app.

  • The channel has thousands of screensaver images in it.
  • The screensavers include Aquarium, News, Christmas, Halloween, Buildings, Art, and Animals.
  • Also, you can add any image from your Google Photos as a screensaver with this channel.
  • Like other Roku screensavers, you can enable the weather details on this screensaver.
  • You can get local weather reports in your area including temperature and sky conditions.

Relaxing Rain

Relaxing rain is a screensaver app that comes with soothing rain sounds in its collection. The app is best used to take a quick or power nap for a small amount of time.

City Stroll: Skyline

City Skyline

The app offers dark and light-themed screensavers of city skyscrapers and buildings. It displays cartoon themed skyline of the buildings and prevents the static image of the TV from sticking to your screen.

Dangerous Predators

Best Roku Screensavers

If you are an animal lover, then this app is one of the viable selections for your Roku. The app displays some of the best quality collections of food chain predators on your screen. You can also see time and weather details on the app by choosing the widgets.

How to create your own Screensaver on Roku

1: Connect both your Roku and your smartphone to the same WiFi network.

2: Download the Roku mobile app from the iOS and Playstore.

3: Open the app on your mobile.

4: On the home screen of the app, select the media button from the bottom.

Click Media button to create screensaver on Roku

5: Then choose the Screensaver option on the screen.

6: Click the Get started button and start choosing images from your gallery.

Click Get started button

7: In the next step, customize the screensaver time and screen adjustments and click the Set Screensaver option on your mobile.

Note: You can set a limited amount of images from your gallery to set the screensaver on Roku.

Now you can see your custom-made screensaver slideshow on your Roku device. The Roku channel store has plenty of free and paid screensaver channels. However, you might not be sure about these screensaver apps. With the above discussion, you might have made up your mind on which one to choose.