XTV is a media streaming channel that streams movies and shows from different platforms for free. The programs streaming on Roku include sports, movies, shows, series, and music. Earlier, Roku had XTV as a private channel in it. However, it was banned because of some reason. So now, let’s discuss some useful XTV alternatives for Roku.


Why did Roku ban XTV?

Roku did ban XTV because of its pirated content. Earlier, Roku had some Private channels that contained pirated content. However, these channels streamed normally in it, with many people accessing it. At that time, in Mexico, they found out that there was some pirated content on Roku. As a result, Mexico banned Roku from selling their devices there. Since then, Roku has banned pirated content. The Private channels on Roku are now Non-Certified Channels that can be removed at any time if it streams pirated content.   

Best XTV alternatives for Roku

XTV, after their ban, announced that they would be back on Roku without the Pirated content. But, they are still not on Roku. Moreover, it is difficult to add pirated content on Roku. To add any new channels on Roku, you need to have a credit card on file. This means that Roku can identify you if your channel’s content is not suitable. So, now let’s discuss some good XTV alternatives for Roku without any pirated content.

1. Sling TV

Sling TV is a popular American media streaming service that streams content without piracy. Instead, the Sling TV airs channels and on-demand content with a paid subscription. The Sling TV has two subscription plans in it.

  • Sling Orange: The Sling Orange plan streams 32 channels at $30 per month. It supports only one stream at a time, The base channels include ESPN, AMC, BBC America, CNN, Cartoon Network, HGTV, Disney  Channel, Comedy Central, Food Network, Freeform, Lifetime, TNT, and TBS. Furthermore, you can add channels as ad-ons.
  • Sling Blue: The Sling Blue streams 47 channels at $30 per month. It allows three streams at once and has different channels from Sling Orange. The base channels include AMC, BET, Bravo, NBC, Fox News, CNN, FX, TBS, TNT, USA, National Geographical, Nick, Jr., and Syfy.
  • Sling Orange + Sling Blue: This streams around 53 channels at $45 per month.
  • Add-ons: The Sling has different ad-on packages in it. the ad-ons have a group of similar channels in them . For instance, the Kids Extra package costs $6.

2. Hulu

Hulu is another popular American streaming service owned by the Walt Disney Company and NBC Universal. It offers four plans in it. Besides on-demand content, Hulu streams 65 + Live TV channels without cable or satellite subscription.

  • Basic: Hulu Basic is of $5.99 which comes with ads, around 10 mins an hour.
  • No Ads: Hulu (No Ads) costs $11.99 per month and is free of ads.
  • Basic + Live TV: This plan costs $64.99 per month with cloud DVR storage.
  • No Ads + Live TV: This plan can cost you $70.99 per month with cloud DVR storage.
  • Add-ons: The Hulu also brings to you premium ad-on packages.

3. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another popular American streaming platform that streams on-demand content along with Live TV channels. It has a single subscription plan with a common Channel Lineup. YouTube TV includes content from 85 top American networks.  It is owned by Google and was launched in 2017. The YouTube TV subscription brings you 85 + channels at $64.99. Furthermore, you can add Premium Channel Packages and channels to your subscription.

4. AT&T TV

AT&T TV is another American media streaming platform that streams multiple channels. The AT&T TV has basically 4 different subscription plans to choose from. These subscription plans have different channel line-ups as well. 

  • Entertainment: The Entertainment package streams 65+channels at $59.99 per month.
  • Optimo Mas: This package streams 90+ channels at $64.99 per month.
  • Choice: This package streams 90+ channels at $64.99 per month.
  • Xtra: The Xtra package streams 120+ channels at $74.99 per month.
  • Ultimate: The Ultimate package streams 130+channels at $79.99 per month.
  • Premier: This package streams 140+ channels at $129.99 per month.

5. Philo TV

Philo is another popular American-based Internet television company. It has a huge collection of popular channels with a small monthly subscription. The subscription plan streams over 60 channels at $20 per month. Furthermore, you can add channel add-ons to your subscription. 


6. fuboTV

fuboTV is the best American media streaming platform for sports lovers. You can get around 90 to 130 channels on fuboTV. The different plans on fuboTV are as follows.

  • Family: It streams 114 channels at $64.99 per month. Furthermore, it gives you 500 hours of DVR space and 3 simultaneous streams.
  • Family Plan with Showtime: This is same as the family plan but with Showtime added and costs you $74.99 per month.
  • Ultra: It streams 196 channels at $84.99 including Showtime. This package comes with 500 hours of DVR with 3 simultaneous streams.

7. Vidgo

Vidgo is another popular streaming platform that streams most of your favorite channels. It includes sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports. Apart from Sports, it streams entertainment channels, including FX and History Channel. Vidgo has a channel package of $55 per month. This package includes 80+ English channels and Spanish channels.

8. Discovery +

Discovery + is another XTV alternative that has channels from Discovery, Inc. streaming. This is the best offer for you if you like watching the Discovery Channels. This subscription will cost you only $6.99 per month. Some channels include HGTV, TLC, OWN, A&E, DIY, Animal Planet, Discovery, Discovery Originals, Lifetime, and History.

Discovery Plus

9. TVision

TVision is another media streaming service that streams your favorite channels with subscription plans.

  • Live TV: It streams 60+ channels, including local and national channels, at $40 per month
  • Best Value: It streams 85+ channels, including local and national channels, at $50 per month.
  • Live Zone: This package has 95+ channels, including local and national channels, at $60 per month.

Wrapping Up XTV streamed a lot of your favorite channels and on-demand content for free. However, because of piracy rules, the XTV is no more available. We should respect the fact that piracy should not be supported. So, we should find alternatives for XTV on Roku. All these platforms bring to you paid packages of your favorite channels. What are your favorite XTV Alternatives for Roku? Let us know in the comments below.