Fremantle is a global entertainment powerhouse that produces, creates, and distributes both scripted and unscripted content worldwide. It is possible with the help of their companies and labels extending in 30 countries. BUZZR is an entertaining streaming service from Fremantle that brings a collection of iconic game shows from the network. In total, you can find more than 40,000 games on BUZZR. It includes shows like Family Feud, What’s My Line, To Tell the Truth, Blockbusters, Card Sharks, Password, and Beat The Clock. If you are a fan of similar game shows, then there is no way you would say no to adding BUZZR on Roku. Let’s find out the same in the following section.

How to watch BUZZR on Roku?

BUZZR is entirely free to stream on your Roku with the STIRR app. STIRR is an entertainment service that brings a variety of content, including TV shows, local news, and more. With this app, you can enjoy up to 120 live TV channels and a huge collection of TV shows and movies. There are no subscription plans on this app, and you can enjoy watching the shows from BUZZR for free.

1. Connect the Roku device to the HDMI port of a TV. Also, connect to a stable Wi-Fi network.

2. From the home page of Roku, select the Streaming Channels option.

Streaming Channels

3. Following the same, click on the Search Channels option from the menu.

Search Channels

4. Type in STIRR on the search bar with the help of the on-screen keyboard to search for the same app.

 BUZZR on Roku

5. Start downloading the app by clicking on the Add Channel option after selecting the channel from the search results.

STIRR on Roku

6. Wait for the app download to complete and click on the OK button as a pop-up appears on a screen.

7. Launch the new STIRR app by clicking on the Go to Channel option.

8. Finally, search for BUZZR and enjoy streaming your favorite shows.

 BUZZR on Roku

Alternative Method to Stream BUZZR on Roku

Let’s explore most streaming devices on which you can watch the shows from BUZZR.

The Roku Channel

 BUZZR on Roku

The Roku Channel is an official channel from Roku that you can access on devices like Roku and Firestick. You can enjoy the shows from BUZZR on the Roku channel as well. There is no additional subscription needed to stream these shows. So, if you have Roku Channel, you don’t need any other application to watch the shows from BUZZR.

Prime Video

 BUZZR on Roku

Prime Video is an exciting media streaming service from Amazon. You can enjoy watching shows from BUZZR with the help of the Amazon Prime Video app. On Amazon Prime, you can add and stream movies and shows by buying and renting them. If you have a subscription to the Amazon Prime account, you can easily watch the shows on your TV.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV claims itself to be free TV. This is because you can access many popular live TV channels for free on this streaming service. This app from ViacomCBS hosts TV channels like Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, and My Crime. In addition, you can enjoy watching the shows from BUZZR as well. If you’d like to add free live TV service to your Roku device, Pluto TV is the right choice.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is an interesting media streaming service on which you can enjoy watching live TV channels. It is a subscription-based streaming service. In March of 2020, BUZZR was added to this streaming service. So, if you have the right subscription plan, you can enjoy watching these popular game shows from BUZZR on your TV quickly.

Wrapping Up

We have explored a few different streaming services on which one can enjoy watching the popular game shows from BUZZR on Roku. I hope that this section is useful enough for you to add and stream your favorite shows on your Roku device. You can find more useful articles and updates on our blog.