Roku is an efficient streaming platform that offers various streaming services in different languages. So, learning Chinese would be easier for most Roku users, as it allows them to watch Chinese channels. The Chinese characters are quite easy to forget for us non-native speakers. So, enabling the subtitles would be great for memorizing and improving your Chinese language knowledge. Most Chinese channels on Roku are offered either for free or at a lower cost. However, a few popular streaming channels offer mandarin content as well. But, the Roku device also has some exclusive Mandarin channels, here are some popular channels that can be a dependable source.

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Best Chinese channels

Channels Download linkRatings
ACTV MandarinRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆
SinoVisionRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆
KORTV Best Korean & Chinese TVRoku Channel Store ★★★☆☆
China TVRoku Channel Store ★★☆☆☆
Chinese ZoneRoku Channel Store☆☆☆☆☆

ACTV Mandarin

ACTV chinese channels

The ACTV Mandarin is a new Chinese channel operated by Asian Culture Alliance. So, it has a huge number of active Chinese-speaking viewers worldwide. The main intention of this channel is to promote Asian identities and culture. It offers news and family-oriented content on this channel.


Sino Vision Chinese channel on Roku

Access the content in English and Chinese subtitles with 100% free

SinoVision channel is a Mandarin channel that broadcasts local mainland Chinese television shows 24 hours a day. This includes everything from stock market updates to talk shows to the news. This focuses so heavily on broadcasting news and unscripted content that learners can benefit from listening to spoken Mandarin in real time and with multiple people speaking.

KORTV Best Korean & Chinese TV

KORTV Korean and Chinese channel on Roku

Live streaming all the Korean and Chinese Channels

KORTV provides a live stream of Korean & Chinese broadcasting channels and video services. This offers a selection of television shows, movies, clips, and other content, and this was developed by KORTV.

China TV

China TV

Stream and Live feed the content to enjoy the Chinese TV shows!

China TV provides a streaming version of over-the-air content from available Chinese TV channels. In addition, you can enjoy your favorite Chinese TV shows on your Roku device; this is developed by LomitosCrew.

Chinese Zone

Chinese Zone

Access and find all the Cantonese and Mandarin through the Chinese Zone

This is developed by Boma Group, which has all the Chinese language movies and TVs portal. This helps users to find Cantonese and Mandarin programs. You can access all the movies you need from the Chinese Zone from the Roku channel.