Roku and Chromecast are one of the best streaming devices that competes in the field of entertainment. Using both devices, you can stream a whole lot collection of streaming services. With a fantastic and unique feature in both devices, users get confused about which device to choose. For better entertainment, you need to compare every aspect of the device to comfort your needs. So to this, let’s compare Chromecast Vs Roku to find out which is best for streaming.

Chromecast vs. Roku

Comparison Between Roku vs Chromecast

Explore some features, pricing, and comparison of Roku and Chromecast streaming devices in the following guide.

Pricing & Specification of Roku

Roku ExpressRoku Express 4KRoku Express 4K+Roku Streaming Stick 4KRoku Streaming Stick 4K+Roku UltraRoku Ultra LT
Voice Commands
Lost Remote finder

Additional Feature

Mobile App
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Pricing & Specification of Chromecast

Chromecast HD (With Google TV)Chromecast 3rd GenerationChromecast 4K (With Google TV)
RAM1.5 GB512MB2 GB
Voice Commands
Lost Remote finder

Additional Feature

Mobile App
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1. Installation & Setup

After buying your Roku or Chromecast device, you need to finish its simple installation process to start streaming your favorite content on the device.

  • Connect your Streaming device to your TV by using the HDMI port or the USB port at the back of the TV.
  • After connecting, turn on your TV and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the setup.

🎯 You will be required to connect to the internet to complete the setup process. So, do connect to a stable internet connection. But we specifically recommend you check out the plans and packages offered by Spectrum, as it is the best internet service provider in the USA.

2. User Interface

A good User interface is one of the key features that are necessary for better streaming. So before choosing a streaming device, you need to check out its interface for better navigation and enhancement of streaming.


Roku UI vs Chromecast UI
  • Roku comes with a neat and easy-to-use UI for better navigation and for easy understanding.
  • The simple UI and the recommendation of the best streaming app on its home screen help users choose a better streaming service for entertainment.
  • You can easily configure your Roku settings and apps subscription on the Roku home screen.
  • Roku offers separate categories to stream on-demand, Live TV channels, and free channels on the home screen.


Chromecast UI vs Roku UI
  • Chromecast adopts the Google TV UI that is in Grid Style. Sometimes the Grid style might slow down the user navigation.
  • The UI shows the list of shows, movies, etc.
  • Like Roku, you can select the Live TV category on top of the home screen and stream the live entertainment channels on Chromecast.
  • You can search for free channels on Chromecast, but they are not available on the home screen.

Verdict: From the list of features, you can come to the conclusion that Roku wins the round vs Chromecast on User Interface.

3. Collection of Streaming Services

The next main element in a streaming device is the collection of streaming services and the content the device holds. So let’s dive into the content library of Roku and Chromecast.

App Store for Roku – Channel Store

Roku Channel Store
  • To install apps on Roku, you can visit the Roku channel store on the device.
  • You can install some of the popular streaming apps like Hulu, SlingTV, Pluto TV, Netflix, HBO Max, Fox Sports, etc.
  • Roku doesn’t allow its users to sideload any apps in its software for security reasons.
  • Every Roku user can access The Roku channel app for free streaming.
  • You can also install other streaming apps like Vevo, Spotify, YouTube, and IPTV on Roku.

Additional Feature: Using Roku, you can cancel any subscription to an app using the Roku device itself instead of going to the official website of the service.

App Store for Chromecast – Google Store

Chromecast Google Store
  • Google Store comes with a collection of popular apps like Hulu, CBS Sports, Spotify, etc.
  • By clicking on the Search option on the Chromecast home screen, you can search for your favorite apps on the Google Store.
  • You can install some apps not on the Google Store using the side load feature on your Google TV-supported Chromecast device.

Verdict: Since both Roku and Chromecast consist of the same app count, this round ends in a tie.

4. Video & Audio Streaming Quality

The next important aspect of Chromecast vs Roku streaming devices is the audio quality. The best audio quality defines the best streaming experience.


  • Every model of Roku differs in its audio quality.
  • Since the Roku express doesn’t support the Dolby feature, it will be a bad choice to pick out for the best audio support.
  • Roku Express is not a viable option for a high streaming experience.
  • For the best experience, Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ and Ultra is the best choice.


  • Chromecast with Google TV devices supports the Dolby feature in their HD and 4K devices.
  • By purchasing the cheaper Chromecast with Google TV support, you can enhance your audio and video streaming on your TV.

Verdict: In this Chromecast vs Roku round, the above features and pain points conclude Chromecast is the winner.

5. Remote Control

To explore your streaming device to the fullest, you need the best remote control for that. And remote comes with many hidden features that can be performed for accessing the feature on your device.


Roku remote vs Chromecast remote
  • Roku comes with a Black and Purple mixed remote with a simple and neat design.
  • By pressing the Mic button on the Roku remote, you can use the Voice search option for quick access.
  • Using the Roku remote shortcuts, you can clear the cache files on your Roku device for better performance.
  • In some enhanced Roku remotes, you can connect earphones to activate the Roku Private listening.
  • You can press the Streaming apps button on your remote for quicker opening.


Chromecast remote vs Roku remote
  • The Chromecast remote comes with three different colored remotes, which are handy.
  • By pressing the Google assistant button, you can use the Voice feature on your Google TV.
  • The Chromecast remote comes with round-shaped navigational keys.

Verdict: Since the Chromecast remote offers few features, this round winner is Roku.

6. Roku & Chromecast Mobile Apps

Both streaming devices comes has a mobile app that you can use for various customization and managing the device. Other than using the app for customization, you can use the remote feature of the app to control your device in an emergency situation.


Roku mobile app
  • To use the Roku App effectively, you need to connect the Roku app to your Roku device first.
  • You can install and remove apps from your Roku device using the Roku app.
  • You can use the Roku mobile app as the remote to navigate in your Roku device.
  • Using the Roku mobile app, you can watch your favorite content on your mobile.


Google home remote feature
  • By downloading the Google Home app from the Play store or App store, you can control your Google TV-supported Chromecast.
  • Google Home app comes with a simple and dull remote UI comparing the actual remote.
  • Using the Google Home app, you can control the synced devices of your home.
  • Screencasting your mobile to the TV is made easy using the Google Home app.

Verdict: With subscription management and streaming feature using the app, Roku Wins the round against Chromecast features.

Final verdict

As per the above results, Roku wins the comparison against the Google TV-supported Chromecast device. But both the devices are good in their own field. For better customer support and lower price, choose Roku. If you need a device that is good for screen casting, then choose Chromecast.


1. How to Chromecast on Roku?

Yes, as long as your Roku TV has an HDMI port, you can utilize Chromecast. After all, Roku is a TV with a built-in Roku player. It does, however, support Roku. Therefore, Roku TVs can still use Chromecast. To set up your Chromecast device on Roku, follow these steps:
[1] Connect the Chromecast to your Roku TV. You can either use an adapter or the USB port on your television to power the Chromecast.
[2] On your Chromecast, select the appropriate HDMI channel.
[3] On your smartphone, install the Google Home app.
[4] After checking in to your Google account, select Chromecast from the list of accessible devices by tapping the + icon in the top left corner.
[5] Choose the devices you wish to install and begin streaming immediately.