Disney Plus (also written as Disney+) is a streaming service to watch media from different networks like Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. With Disney+, you can stream videos in 4K UHD quality along with Dolby Atmos sound support. Roku users can add Disney Plus directly from the Channel store and start streaming. For a detailed guide on adding Disney Plus on Roku, continue reading the article.

Make sure to sign up for Disney Plus before installing the app. There are two plans available in Disney Plus

  • Monthly plan – $6.99
  • Annual plan – $69.99

How to Add Disney Plus on Roku

[1] Press the home button on Roku remote.

[2] Choose the Search option and search for Disney Plus.


[3] Pick Disney Plus from the search result and click on Add channel.

Add channel

[4] Launch the app by clicking on Go to channel or access it from your channels section.

[5] Click on Sign in and login with your Disney plus login credentials.

[6] Start streaming all your favorite content with Disney+ on your Roku device.

Disney +

Disney Plus Not Working / Showing on Roku

If Disney + is not working or showing an error while streaming on your Roku device, do the following.

  • Update your Roku device to latest version (Settings >> System update >> Check now).
  • If the error repeats, restart your Roku device (Settings >> System >> System restart (or) Settings >> System >> Power >> System restart).
  • Always connect to a high-speed internet connection, preferably a LAN connection for uninterrupted streaming.
  • Connect your Roku device to HDCP 2.2 display to stream 4K Ultra HD and HDR content.
  • If you are using Roku model 2400X, 3000X, 3050X, 3100X, 2450X, 2500X, 3400X, 3420X, you can’t have download Disney+ on your device.

How to Cancel Disney+ on Roku

If you have subscribed to Disney+ right from your Roku device, you can cancel Disney+ subscription in two different ways.

Through Roku Device

[1] Go to Disney+ channel on your Roku.

[2] Press the * icon on your remote to view options.

[3] Select Manage Subscription to view billing information.

[4] Here, you can cancel your Disney+ subscription.

[5] If you can’t find the option mentioned above, go to the Roku channel and select Manage subscription.

[6] Choose Cancel Subscription and confirm when its done.

Through Roku website

[1] Visit my.roku.com from your browser.

[2] Login with your Roku account credentials.

[3] Choose Manage your subscriptions.

[4] Navigate to Disney+ from the list of subscribed channel.

[5] Click on Unsubscribe to cancel the subscription and confirm it.

Alternate Way to watch Disney+ on Roku

If you are using any of the unsupported Roku devices, you can still watch Disney+ by screen mirroring Disney Plus from your smartphone or PC. For a detailed guide, check our dedicated to screen mirror Disney+ on Roku.

Watch all your favorite cartoons, animation, superheroes, and many more on Roku with the help of the Disney+ app. Mention your queries, make use comments section below.