Do not listen to those who say that watching TV is a waste of time. Many modern streaming platforms have a lot to offer. It does not matter what topics interest you, as you will find something that fits your expectations. Roku gives you access to many educational programs. You can watch them at any time from anywhere. The problem is the wide variety of options to choose from which can make the experience a bit chaotic. Students often have busy schedules and might need some guidance. Therefore, you can use this list of educational channels like Udemy for students as a map of the Roku universe. Remember that it is just a tiny fraction of the available channels you can watch.

Without a doubt, watching exciting documentaries is more enjoyable than doing homework. Especially when writing papers is such a time-consuming process and requires undivided attention. Again, students are often under stress because of the short deadlines of their assignments. You can hire an online paper writer for timely help whenever you can’t cope with a massive project to have more free time. Online experts will help you tailor an original and engaging paper. Meanwhile, you can look through the selection of useful channels for students. Find out more information about essay writing services here.

Be Amazed

Sometimes you look for inspiration to write another paper on a boring topic. This channel will help you find the most exciting facts about everything in the world. For instance, you can learn about what happens if you don’t stop a mosquito from drinking your blood or about unbelievable secrets hidden in the mountains. However, be aware that it is difficult to stop watching this channel. You can spend hours going from one video to another. So, make sure you know when to stop.

All Arts

Art students and those who appreciate art in all its forms will appreciate this channel. Here you will find a collection of public TV programs by WNET. It is the right choice for those who want to explore topics dedicated to music, dance, theater, film, etc. If you are still deciding what theme to choose, look through the All Shows category to find something interesting. Note that there is access to only some episodes for most of the available shows.


If you want to gain more profound knowledge in one of the art topics, this channel has a wide range of interest areas to explore. You will find classes on photography, design, music, etc. Only qualified experts teach every class. For example, you will find more specific videos on becoming an outdoor photographer. It is a subscription-based channel, so full videos are unavailable.

AsapSCIENCE – Educational TV

Watch educational videos from the AsapScience YouTube channel on your TV. You are welcome to choose from various categories, including health, nature, food, and tech. On top of these topics, you can also have some fun watching Illusions to Blow Your Mind – a show about illusions that can trick your mind. If you are into sports, you can enjoy watching the Olympic series Science Says. You will learn why many people get obsessed with different sports, along with other interesting facts.

Daily Documentary

Here you will find a selection of documentaries on various topics. You can choose from the following categories: space, nature, music, art, and history. Pay close attention to the videos on history. You can learn the biographies of renowned leaders. You will benefit from this information when working on a history paper. You will know what topic to choose and where to find the data for your research study.

College Health Video

If you are tired of listening to your parents giving you lectures on how to stay healthy, watch this channel instead. There are 45 videos about everything you have to know about a student’s physical and mental health. Learn more about food nutrition and fitness and their impact on your body. The videos are not boring to watch and can help you change your daily routine to improve your well-being.

A Study of Birds

It is a perfect channel for all those who are into Ornithology. You will watch footage of exotic birds from around the world in their natural habitat. Note that these videos usually do not have any sound. The channel is updated daily. Therefore, you get a chance to see new videos and learn more about the kingdom of birds.

C Plus Plus for Beginners

The name says it all. This channel offers 46 tutorial videos for those who want to pursue a career in programming. If you’ve just started learning the basics of C++, this channel will come in handy. You will know everything about common errors that developers make and how to fix them. If you have questions about arrays and binary operations, you will find the answers here.

Other Educational Platforms Available on Roku


This online streaming service has a lot to offer. From an educational point of view, you might be interested in its documentaries. You can find projects from around the world here. Some are short and last up to 30 min, while others are up to 2 hours long. One of the projects that attract attention is Women Undercover. It is about female spies from the Cold-war era. You can see their interviews to learn about their strategies for getting the necessary information.


The channel focuses on documentaries on various topics. You can enjoy watching all types of video content here, starting from ancient history and traveling to space and science. If you don’t feel like browsing through dozens of projects, go to the Curated List section and choose a topic you want. The videos there are grouped by topics like Natural World, Majestic Earth, etc. In addition, there is a section with articles on various topics. The writers here try to find the most interesting and relevant issues and explore them by doing a thorough research study. Note that you can use the information from these articles when writing a paper.