EPIX is an American premium cable and Sattelite TV channel. It streams popular movies, TV shows, original on-demand series, and more. Moreover, the EPIX app is available on most streaming devices that you can use to stream your favorite shows anytime you want. The EPIX app contains 1000+ movies and TV series. You can also download your favorite titles and watch them later. Even you can filter the content you want to watch by selecting categories like Comedy, action, drama, fantasy, romance, horror, documentary, and more. Now, let us see how to get EPIX on Roku.

How Much is EPIX on Roku

1. EPIX Channel is free to access with the participating cable TV providers like Comcast, Xfinity, Cox, DISH, DIRECTV, and more.

2. If you don’t have a cable TV subscription account that offers EPIX, you can subscribe to EPIX NOW. It offers two subscription plans. They are:

Monthly Plan: $5.99 per month – 7-day free trial is included with the subscription plan.

Bi-annual Plan: $30 for 6 months.

You can visit https://www.epixnow.com/ to subscribe to EPIX NOW.

How to Get EPIX on Roku

There are two ways to watch EPIX on Roku. They are:

  • Adding EPIX – Login via cable TV Provider
  • Adding EPIX NOW – Login via a subscription account

Add EPIX on Roku

1. From the Roku home screen, select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming Channels

2. Next, scroll down and select the Search Channels option.

Select Search Channels

3. Enter EPIXon the search bar using the virtual keyboard.

4. Search and choose EPIX from the search result.

5. Select the Add Channel button to download and add it to your channel list.

6. You will get a confirmation pop-up after the completion of the download; click OK.

7. After that, select the Go to Channel option to launch EPIX.

8. Select the Login or Sign in button. Choose your cable TV Provider and sign in with that account.

9. After that, you can browse or choose your favorites to watch on your Roku.

EPIX on Roku

Adding EPIX NOW on Roku

1, Select the Streaming Channels from the Roku home screen.

Select Streaming Channels

2. Next, choose the Search Channels option.

Select Search Channels

3. Use the virtual keyboard to enter and search for the EPIX NOW.

4. From the suggestion list, pick EPIX NOW.

5. Hit the Add Channel button on the channel description page.

6. Once the channel is added, select the OK button from the prompt.

7. After that, choose the Go to Channel button to launch EPIX NOW.

Activate EPIX NOW on Roku

1. Launch the EPIX NOW channel.

2. Select the Sign in or Log in button, and you will get an activation code.

3. Note the activation code and visit the activation web page of EPIX NOW: https://www.epixnow.com/activate/.

4. Enter the activation code on the required field and click on Submit.

Activate EPIX on Roku

5. Then, enter your EPIX NOW subscription credentials to verify your account.

6. After that, the EPIX NOW will be activated on Roku.

7. You can now go back to the EPIX NOW app and stream your favorite content.

Stream EPIX on Roku

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Cancel EPIX on Roku?

Visit the official website of Roku: my.roku.com. Sign in to your account and click on the Profile icon from the upper right corner. From the Manage your Subscription section, select EPIX and click on the Unsubscribe option.

2. Is EPIX available with Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, you can subscribe to EPIX on Amazon Prime Video separately at $5.99 per month.