Esquire is an American Television network that broadcasts TV shows in various categories like cooking, fashion, cooking, sitcoms, and dramas. First, it is called Style Network, and later it has sold its 50% stake to NBCUniversal and 50% to Hearst Corporation, then it was renamed Esquire. It was also closed on all cable TV networks and currently streaming only on Firestick and Roku devices. The company has decided to shut down, but many users want the Esquire channel, so they closed it only on satellite networks and made it available to the Fire TV and Roku TV users.

Esquire changed to an online-only model because most people cut the cord and buy a media streaming device to watch their favorite content on their TV at their own convenient place and time. Roku is one of the hottest selling devices in the market that is significantly smaller in size and can be plugged into a TV or Monitor and instantly stream channels on it. There is also plenty of free channels to watch without any subscription.

How to Install Esquire on Roku?

1. Turn on the Roku device and press the Home button on the Roku remote.

2. In the home screen, select Streaming channels in the left menu.

Esquire on Roku

3. Under Streaming channels, scroll down and tap Search channels.

tap Search channels

4. Enter Esquire in the search box and press the OK button.

type Esquire on Roku

5. Select the Esquire channel and then tap on the Add channel button in the next step.

6. After the installation process is complete, click Go to channel button.

tap Go to channel button

7. Sign in to your account and start watching your favorite Esquire content on your TV.

watch Esquire on Roku

How to Sign Up for Esquire?

1. On your PC or smartphone, open Google Chrome or any of your favorite browsers.

2. In the address bar, type and press Enter.

3. Tap Subscribe button in the main menu and select your Subscription plan.

4. Click Join Now button and enter your email address and credit card details.

5. Double-check your card details and tap Complete Purchase.

6. Congrats! You have created an Esquire account successfully.

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To Conclude

The Esquire app on Roku allows you to stream all the contents of the Esquire channel, which has been shut down on your cable TV network. The subscription cost is just $4 a month, with a buy for such amazing premium content, which also covers mixed categories of videos for all ages. Are you facing any issues while installing? Comment your queries in the below section.