The Evil web series is a rollercoaster full of unexpected incidents. If you have come to find out how to watch Evil on Roku you will already know how spellbinding of a show this is. The Evil is a how which feels like a modern-day version of the X-files. This show takes you through the adventure of David a Catholic seminarian and Kristen forensic psychologist. Both of them enter this world of Creepy demons and unknown organizations. This is one of the flagship shows of paramount plus. In this article, we are going to show you how you can watch Evil on Roku.

Evil on Roku

A Brief Overview of the Series Evil

Since you are going to watch this show we will try to give you a brief overview of the show:


The Evil web series had its first premiere on 26 September 2019. The third season of this series is going to premiere on June 12, 2022. Moreover with an IMDb of 7.7/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93% this web series is a good suggestion.

Adding Paramount Plus to watch Evil on Roku

There are two possible ways you can use to watch the Evil TV series on Roku. They are:

Paramount Plus on Roku- With the basic subscription of $4.99 per month, you can easily access the Paramount Plus platform.

Vudu on Roku– You don’t need a subscription to access the Vudu platform. But you have the option to purchase the entire Season 1 or Season 2 for $19.99 per month or $1.99 per episode.

Adding Paramount Plus on Roku using the Roku Channel Store

As we have now decided that we will show you how to access Paramount plus. We will first have to add it to your Roku device. Now unlike some of the other streaming services like Apple TV and Hulu Paramount doesn’t have its special button on the Roku remote. So the best way might be just to add it from the Channel store.

[1] Press the Home button on your Roku remote to go to the home screen.

[2] From the left pane, select the Streaming Channels option.

Select Streaming Channels

[3] Choose the Search Channels option and use the virtual keyboard to enter Paramount Plus. Next, search for the Paramount Plus channel.

Select Search Channels

[4] From the search result, select the Paramount Plus channel.

[5] Hit the Add Channel button to add the Paramount Plus channel to your Roku device-connected TV.

Once the Paramount Plus channel is added, select the OK button from the prompt.

Adding Paramount Plus on Roku using the Web

For people who want to do it without the hassle of an on-screen keyboard and controls of a Roku remote, we have an alternative. You can also add any channel that you wish to your Roku with help of the Roku channel store website all you need is a browser and some steps that we have mentioned below.

[1] Open any web browser and visit the Roku Channel Store.

[2] Click on the Sign In button and enter your Roku ID credentials to sign in to your account.

[3] With the help of the search box, you will now have to enter and search for Paramount Plus.

Adding Paramount plus on Roku

[4] Choose the Paramount Plus channel from the search result.

[5] After that, click on the Add Channel button. Next, the Paramount Plus channel will be added to your Roku device-connected TV once it gets connected to an internet connection.

Adding Paramount plus using the store

How to use Paramount plus to watch Evil on Roku

All that is left now is to Log in to your account. Now not many people have used the Paramount plus as it is rather new. Don’t worry about that as we are here to guide you regarding that in the following steps

[1] Once you add the Paramount Plus channel, launch it.

[2] Next, select the Sign In button. You can now see an activation Code; note the code down.

[3] Then, visit the Paramount Plus activation website

[4] Enter the activation code and click on the Continue button.

Activate Paramount Plus on Roku

[5] Now, enter your credentials to sign in with your subscription credentials.

[6] That’s it! Now, you have successfully activated the Paramount Plus channel on your Roku device-connected TV.

[7] Now, launch the Paramount Plus channel and search for the Evil web series.

Finally, you can choose an episode to watch on your Roku device-connected TV.

Watch Evil on Roku


1. Can I watch Evil (TV Series) on Roku?

Yes, with the Paramount Plus channel added to Roku, you can watch the Evil TV series.

2. Can you watch Evil ( TV Series) on Peacock?

You cannot watch Evil on a peacock as it is the exclusive content of Paramount Plus and is licensed only to Vudu.