Gaia is a popular media streaming service that focuses on yoga and pseudoscience. It also has content relating to fringe theories and conspiracy theories. It was founded back in 1988 by Jirka Rysavy. However, the streaming service itself was launched in 2011. Gaia is simply a whole package of mind-blowing programs. You might not find many channels on Roku that deal with these theories. So, add and stream Gaia on Roku.


What’s on Gaia?

Gaia has over 8000 films streaming on it on-demand. It is available in 185 countries. Some of the topics covered include Astrology, metaphysics, Mysticism, Alchemy, and Alternate Medicine.

  • One of the best topics on Gaia is Meditation. It discusses different meditation techniques. Additionally, it explains parallel universes concerning meditation.
  • Gaia comes with a good collection of Yoga tutorials. It focuses on Kundalini yoga practices for beginners and others who are into it.
  • A much useful topic on Gaia is Diet and Nutrition. So, you can design a much healthier diet plan with Gaia.
  • Gaia also has content talking about alternative medicine techniques, including Ayurveda and Energy healing.
  • Some of the content on Gaia deals with Time Travel as well.
  •  You can also learn about how Astrology works with different sessions on Gaia. It has videos explaining how the movement of celestial bodies is related to astrology.

How to Add Gaia on Roku?

Gaia has its official Roku channel in the Channel Store. Let’s add it on Roku,

1. Turn on your TV and connect to the Roku device.

2. Choose the Streaming Channels option from your home screen.

3. From the menu, select the Search Channel option.

4. Type and search for the Gaia channel.

5. From the search results, choose the Gaia channel.


6. On the channel page, select the Add Channel option.

7. Wait for the download to finish and then select OK.

How to activate Gaia on Roku?

There are two ways to Log In to Gaia on Roku. You can either LogIn with the Email and Password or with an activation code.

Log In With Email 

1. Launch the new Gaia app from the home screen.

2. Select the Log In option on your screen.

3. Next, click on the Log In with Email option on your screen.

4. Enter the email id and password of your Gaia account.

5. Finally, click on Log In.

Log In with Activation code

 1. Launch the new Gaia app from the home screen.

2. Select the Log In option on your screen.

3. Next, you can see an Activation code on your screen.

4. Now, visit from a web browser.

5. Log In to your Gala account on the device you use the web browser in.

6. Enter the Activation Code in the space provided.

With this, you can activate your Gaia channel on Roku.

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Wrapping Up

Now, you know what Gaia is all about. It covers topics relating to yoga, health, spiritual growth, and truth-seeking. You might not find any similar channel to Gaia. Most of the topics on Gaia are not explained by many people. However, these topics are too interesting, and people love Gaia. Have a great time streaming Gaia on Roku.