Roku Channel Store hosts a lot of useful news channels. However, haystack News is quite a different news broadcasting channel. It brings you fast and accurate updates of local and global events. Haystack makes it possible with its collection of over 300 news networks. Therefore, Haystack News is the best place on Roku to find sports, weather, and all relevant news updates. Get Haystack News on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TVs.

Haystack News

What’s on Haystack News?

As we have discussed, Haystack News is a local and global news broadcasting platform. However, its most attractive feature is that it lets you personalize your news feeds.

Haystack News on Roku
  • It brings you news coverage from widely trusted new sites.
  • The new sites include ABC News, CBSN, AP, CNET, Bloomberg, and Cheddar.
  • Local news coverage is provided by plenty of channels. It includes CBS Newyork, KCBS, KOCO, CBS Chicago, and CBS San Francisco.
  • Haystack Spotlight brings mini-documentaries and other news coverages.
  • It has live streaming of channels in it. It is carefully designed for ease of access. You can go switch through channels even during commercials.
  • Editorial Picks section on the channel brings to you the latest relevant news coverages.
  • Stream popular shows of hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan O’ Brien.

How to Add Haystack News on Roku?

Haystack News has its own Roku Channel. Follow these steps and add Haystack News.

1. Turn on your TV and connect to your Roku device.

2. Navigate to and select the Streaming Channel option.

3. Further, select the Search Channel option on the menu.

4. Search for Haystack Local and World News on the search bar.

Haystack News on Roku

5. Pick the Haystack Local and World News channel from the search results.

6. Choose the Add Channel option on the Channel Overview.

7. Finally, click on OK as the download completes.

How to Activate HayStack News on Roku?

Follow these steps to get your Haystack News channel activated.

1. Launch the new Haystack News channel from the home screen.

2. Choose the Settings option from the screen.

3. Further, choose the Sign In or login option.

4. Enter proper credentials to complete the process.

5. Note down the activation code that appears on the screen.

6. Visit the activation URL on your screen from a web browser.

7. Finally, enter the Activation Code and get your account activated.

Wrapping Up

Haystack News provides you reliable and unbiased local and global news. It includes Business, International, and local news coverages. In addition, you can search for categories of news or news channels. The search results are accurate and bring you appropriate results. Also, it has certain mini-documentaries in its library. Get the latest news updates faster than anywhere with Haystack News on Roku.