Everyone is looking for a way to make money streaming online. To be frank, there are a lot of trustworthy platforms around the world that help you in making money streaming online. If you are a student, such schemes like these will help you get financial support. One such reliable platform is YouTube which offers users monetary support for uploading videos on their platform. Likewise, there are a lot of trustworthy platforms available on Roku that allow you to make money streaming online. So, this article will provide students with the best reliable ideas for them to make money online using Roku.

7 Best Ideas for Students to Make Money Streaming on Roku

Streaming services are rising in popularity every day. Such platforms grow in audiences, quality, smooth delivery, and monetization options for creators. No wonder that live streaming attracts more creators, especially young people and students, every year. However, ways to profit from streams vary and get confusing to beginners. In addition, it takes experience and time to build a large enough audience to earn by streaming. So, let’s see how one can start making money streaming on Roku, what the options are, and where they work best.

Donations and Tips

Some platforms allow giving their creators tips and donations directly via their sites. Streamers on other platforms should rely on third-party sites, like Patreon on Roku or GoFundMe, for such monetary support. Some streamers may use both options, depending on where they work and how international their content is.

Overall, getting regular payment from subscribers, including occasional tips and donations as their tokens of appreciation, is the most accessible and popular monetization option among streamers. Here, you let viewers choose to support you financially if they want to or can help. Also, receiving your first tips after all the hard work you did feels incredibly rewarding. 

Making Exclusive Content

Some platforms allow creators to make exclusive content accessible to paying subscribers only. So, even if the platform doesn’t charge viewers directly, it allows creators to organize paid streams. Depending on the platform, one can access such content either by being a sponsor of the channel or having a paid subscription. Either way, streamers can enjoy this feature as long as they have enough viewers and high-quality content.

Of course, such an option is unavailable to beginners with a small audience. Yet, it is something to look forward to in your streaming career.


One of the oldest monetization options, advertisement, remains its influence in the streaming world. Thus, streamers can receive percentages from viewers who watch ads before or in the midst of their streams. Creators can also earn when users follow the advertisement link from their platforms of videos. Overall, most platforms have specific advertisement programs that each streamer can participate in voluntarily.

The downsides of such monetization are pretty obvious, though. First, hardly any viewer would be thrilled to have a sudden change on the screen, which pushes their stream to the corner while an advertisement takes the whole screen. It’s quite an unpleasant experience that annoys many people. Secondly, most online users have ad blockers that don’t allow such stunts to begin with. So, relying just on ad revenue without other monetization plans seems like a risky idea.


Sooner or later, most growing streamers receive sponsorship propositions. Many streamers go ahead and personally find businesses they would love to work with, promoting their services or products. So, sponsorship is a vital, dominant, and very beneficial monetization option for all content creators.

Finding a relatable and interested sponsor should be easy, assuming you work in a narrow niche with a well-established, active audience. So, the issue here is only in determining the details of cooperation. For example, streamers can create sponsored content, like streaming, playing a new game, analyzing an essay writing website online, or trying a new makeup line.

Pay-Per-View Content

Big streamers have vast audiences to cater to. They are like rock stars to the most loyal fans. Hence, a certain percentage of an audience would be glad to receive access to a limited streaming experience. For instance, gamers can sell tickets to the final match of the season. Hence, whoever has been watching the streams from the start will have little option but to pay for the final.

Of course, it’s best to announce such big per-sale content ahead. These days, ticket sales can bring a significant chunk of streamers’ salaries. Plus, such big streams should live up to the hype. Hence, they should be as exclusive, impressive, and important as advertised to make a difference from regular streams. Otherwise, such a monetization option won’t gain popularity on your channel. 

Selling Merch

Lastly, most popular vloggers and streamers often have their own products for sale. Thus, one can start with personal merch. It can be anything you like, from textiles and clothes to mugs and toys. Overall, the merch should make sense to your audience. Hence, it should reflect the nature of the channel, have its brand and logo identity and respond to the audience’s needs. Fortunately, most streamers work in narrow niches, so learning about the target audience doesn’t pose a problem.

In addition, some streamers may also offer more complex products and services for sale, such as master classes, workshops, lessons, coaching services, or else.

Live Stream Shopping

As a bonus option, we may also look into live-stream shopping, as it is rising at the moment. Many brands and shopping platforms already have the option to stream shopping experiences. Hence, shoppers can join the deal and share their online shopping experience with an audience. Of course, the platforms have their programs for rewarding their most vivid fans and biggest streamers. So, it’s a nice way to turn your online shopping into a money-making activity.