Eventhough, Roku is a popular streaming device; every electronic device has a period until they would be lasting. However, it depends on several factors, usage, and maintenance, that affect the device’s lifespan. So, we do have the option to extend it with better maintenance. The Roku device will last for approximately 2 to 4 years, as commonly reported.

How to Maintain Roku TV Properly

As you get the Roku device, you must follow the basic steps to improve the device’s lifespan.

  • Remove or peel the plastic cover off immediately.
  • Use a clean and stable power supply
  • Avoid using maxing volume and brightness.
  • Maintain and clean the TV every week.
  • Keep the remote control safe and use a cover for it.
  • Place the device in a moderately warm location.

Factors Affecting the Roku Device

Most of the issue that reduces the Roku device’s lifespan are listed below. Moreover, we also have a few steps to maintain the device.

  • Electrical Issues
  • Freezing
  • By Firmware
  • Usage Hours
  • Picturing Mode
  • Brightness
  • Overheating
  • Brands
  • Rebooting

Problem 1: Electrical Issues

Electric issue

Roku devices are powered directly with a power supply. These devices highly depend on the electrical voltage, so having a smooth voltage would be necessary for the device to function normally. But, a slight fluctuation in the voltage would result in a short circuit and burn the device. Though this issue cannot be prevented manually, we can still inspect the circuit and keep them in proper working condition.

Problem 2: Freezing

Sometimes the Roku device screen freezes, and you can’t do any operation on the device. When you feel the difference in the performance of the device becomes slow, it is an early sign that the device to experience a freezing issue. Finally, the device will stop working, the Roku screen will freeze, and the Roku remote will also stop working. However, this can be due to faulty devices that can be fixed. If the issue is prolonged, the reason can be that the device has reached its life span.

Problem 3: By Firmware

Using the Roku device on outdated firmware can be a reason that affects the lifespan of the Roku device. However, you get the fullest from the Roku device by simply updating the device periodically. If the update is not regular, the whole functioning of the Roku gets disturbed. You can check whether your TV is updated or the updates available by following the process.

1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote.

Home button on Roku Remote

2. Then, select the Settings option from the menu.

3. Click the System and choose System Update.

System Update option on Roku

4. You can see the available updates.

5. But the Roku device will update automatically on your device when connected to a stable internet connection.

Problem 4: Usage Hours

Auto Power off

The lifetime of the Roku mostly depends upon the usage; if you use your device continuously, this may affect the device and lead to permanent issues. All electrical devices would require some time to rest. Moreover, Roku also allows users to choose the duration they wish to watch TV. By doing so, you can limit usage and improve the device’s lifespan.

Problem 5: Display Picture Mode

Picture quality is essential for all televisions. While using the TV, if you feel the picture quality is not enough, you may change the picture mode, which may affect the device. If the standard mode is distorted, the picture quality reduces. Many prefer the replacement of the inferior picture quality with the new one. So, it is advisable to stick to the standard picture mode quality that would be compatible with your device.

Problem 6: Brightness

Adjusting the brightness on your TV can also affect the device; some people use the TV with high-level brightness. The different brightness levels can be changed for different settings and functions based on the content or activity you wish to perform on your device. It may be fun using your TV at high brightness, but it affects the lifespan of your Roku. Moreover, it is advisable to use the TV with moderate brightness to enjoy streaming on your Roku device for an extended lifespan.

Problem 7: Overheating

Roku overheat

Roku TV gets overheated when you use Roku for a long time, and overheating causes internal damage to the device. This affects the components and wires of your circuit that connect the circuits internally. So, ensure to provide rest to the device periodically and turn off the device when the device is already overheated.

Problem 8: Brands

The lifespan of the Roku TV will also depend on the TV brands used. So, to get a better outcome, purchasing a TV from popular and reputed brands is always good. When deciding to buy a TV, don’t have the budget as the only criterion. Ensure to get a well know TV brand that would increase the Roku device’s lifespan.

Problem 9: Rebooting

At times, we may witness that the Roku TV might start rebooting. So, that is a sign to indicate that the TV would require a replacement. However, before replacing the device, check on the primary factors and ensure that the device is up-to-date. So, try factory resetting the device and check if the issue is resolved, or go for a replacement of the issue.

1. Press the Home button on your remote.

2. Move to the Settings option.

Settings option on Roku

3. Then, select the System option from the menu.

4. Click on the Advance System Settings.

Advanced System Settings option on Roku

5. You can find the Factory Reset option in the following.

6. Choose Factory Reset Everything.

After this process, your system gets restarts and works with good speed. If the issue still exists, the last option would be to replace the device.

Roku Warranty

Roku warranty

Most brands issue a warranty when buying Roku; this may differ according to the brand and its model. It has about 12 month warranty period. Some brands offer an extension of the warranty depending on your device. You should be aware of the warranty and its offers before buying. So, you can use them when you experience issues and needs to be replaced within the warranty period.


How often would you need to replace your Roku device?

In general, it depends on the usage and maintenance of the device. However, you may have to replace the Roku device every five years due to hardware issues and incompatibility with the software update.