Roku is a popular streaming device that brings you unlimited entertainment over the internet. With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, and other channels on Roku, you can access paid and free content. Roku TV brings to you all these with good streaming quality, making it one of the best choices to make. There are a lot of functions and features on Roku that you can set to your wishes. Now, let’s discuss how to adjust the volume on Roku TV, one of the most basic.


How to Adjust Volume on Roku TV?

Adjusting the volume while streaming content on Roku is one of the most basic needs. We have two easy ways to adjust the volume on Roku.

  • Using Roku remote
  • Using Roku app

Adjust Volume Using Roku remote

Like any other streaming device, Roku has a very user-friendly remote control. You can control all basic actions, including adjusting volumes and changing channels using the remote. On the right side of your remote, you can see three buttons to control volume.

Roku remote
  1. Volume Up button to increase volume
  2. Volume Down button to decrease volume
  3. Mute button to mute and unmute.

Using Roku Mobile App

We have the official mobile app of Roku, which can be downloaded on our smartphones. You can add channels to the Channel list with the Roku mobile app. Furthermore, use the Roku app as a replacement for the remote as it comes with remote functions.

1. On your Android or iPhone, visit the Play Store or the App Store respectively and download and Install the Roku mobile app.

2. Open the app as the download completes.

3. On the app, navigate to the joystick icon on the app.

4. Now, you can see a remote-like screen on your phone. Use the buttons with arrows to increase and decrease the volume.


Apart from this, you can use a headphone button on the app to turn on listening mode.

Adjust Volume Modes on Roku TV

The Roku TV comes with different modes for you. To be more specific, there are 3 volume modes on Roku, namely Off, Leveling and Night.

  1. The Off volume mode turns off other volume modes, leaving the volume of the content unmodified.
  2. The leveling mode has different volumes for different contents, which is updated automatically. This will eliminate the need to change the volume of channels each time you switch them and during ads.
  3. Meanwhile, the Night mode increases the soft sounds on the content along with a reduction in the loud sounds. This feature is in consideration to others who are’t watching TV, so that they don’t feel disturbed.

To set a Volume Mode

  1. Press the Home button on your remote to launch the home page.

2. Select the Settings option from the sidebar.

3. Choose the  Audio option from the menu.

4. Next, choose the Volume modes option.

5. Finally, choose the suitable volume mode.

To adjust the Volume Mode during a Playback.

Follow these steps while you are streaming a show on your TV and want to change the volume mode.

Step 1: Firstly, press the Asterisk (*) button on your remote while some content is playing on Roku.

Note: Use the directional pad, a button with a plus sign on the center of the remote, instead of the asterisk button in case you can’t find it.

Step 2: Secondly, choose the  Sound Settings option.

Step 3: Finally, adjust the Volume mode.

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Wrapping Up

Adjusting volume is a very basic need in any streaming service. Roku has a very simple remote that can help you control the volume at any time. Furthermore, you can use the Roku mobile app for the same. Apart from that, we can adjust volume modes on Roku.