Undoubtedly, Roku is one of the top media streaming devices available in the market today. Roku gives you access to a variety of popular apps that stream both live TV as well as on-demand titles. Most of these streaming services are based on subscriptions, while most others are free to stream. Just like any other streaming device, some of the shows on Roku stream along with ads as well. The ads on Roku are one of the ways in which Roku makes money. However, this might be a bit annoying to anyone using the device. If you feel the same, too, the following section is dedicated to you. This is because we are about to discuss how to block commercials on Roku.

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How to Block Commercials on Roku

How to Block Commercials on Roku

It is not exactly possible to block all the ads on Roku and its home screen. These ads run automatically on your device once you connect to the internet. However, you can get rid of a few functionalities of the ads.

Limit Ad Tracking

Most of the ads appearing on your TV might depend on your interests tracked by the device. If you feel that this is a bit too much, you can turn off the tracing.

1. Launch your Roku Settings from its home screen.

2. Now, from the Settings, select the Privacy option and choose Advertising.

3. Next, click on the Limit ad tracking option if it is disabled.

How to Block Commercials on Roku

Remove Pop-up Ads

It is common that ads to follow another ad on your Roku device. This can be the most annoying thing that can happen. This might be because of the pop-up ads on your device. So, it’s better to turn it off.

1. Firstly, launch the Roku Settings from the home screen.

2. Next, choose the Privacy option and then the Smart TV Experience option.

3. Next, check in the Use info from the TV inputs option.

Roku Smart TV Experience

How to Block Ads on Roku From the Router

The method that we are about to discuss will help you stop ads on the Roku home screen and YouTube. However, it might not remove all the ads on your device.

1. Open the Router-R6 and click on the Advanced option.

2. Next, select Security and click on Block Sites Containing These keywords or Domain Name.

3. Next on the list, add http://cloudservices.roku.com and http://Analytichtpp://cloudservices.roku.com.

4. Next, select the Enterprise Advertising & Analytics Solution and block the same.

5. Following the same, restart your Roku device.

Finally, some of the annoying ads on your Roku device will not show up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you block ads on Roku TV?

Yes, you can block ads on your Roku TV.

2. How to Stop ads on Amazon Prime Video with Roku?

Go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising. And enable the ad-tracking option to stop ads on Amazon Prime Video.