Cinemax is a premium TV channel of the Home Box office. It primarily provides the content of newly released theoretical movies to its subscribers. Cinemax doesn’t have a standalone app, but you can get Cinemax through streaming apps. You can stream Cinemax on Roku through popular services such as Amazon Prime, Roku Channel, and Hulu. Cinemax subscription costs about 10$ per month, which may be high as they provide only small content compared to others. If you want to cancel the Cinemax subscription, then you could cancel the subscription on Roku.

How to Cancel Cinemax Subscription on Roku

Cinemax is also available on the Roku Channel app. Therefore, you can purchase and cancel the subscription inside Roku. So there are two possible methods to cancel the subscription.

  1. On Roku device
  2. Using Roku website

How to Cancel Cinemax Subscription Using Roku device

1. Go to the Roku Channel app on the Roku device and select Menu.

2. Now tap Cinemax in your channel list and press the * button on your remote.

select cinemax

3. Go to Manage subscription.

click cancel subscription

4. Tap Cancel subscription.

How to Cancel Cinemax Subscription on Roku

5. Click Cancel subscription to confirm your cancellation.

cancel subscription

6. Now select Done to exit the window.

click done

How to Cancel Cinemax Subscription Using Roku Website

You can also cancel the subscription from the Roku website as well. The main requirement is the same account login.

1. Go to the Roku website on the PC or Smartphone.

2. Click Sign in to log in to your Roku account.

How to Cancel Cinemax Subscription on Roku

3. In the Manage account section, select Manage your subscriptions.

How to Cancel Cinemax Subscription on Roku

4. Click Cinemax in your Roku subscriptions tab.

5. Tap Unsubscribe to cancel the subscription.

6. Select Done to finish the cancellation process.

After canceling the subscription, you can subscribe to Cinemax anytime. If you have purchased Cinemax other than the Roku Channel app, you can cancel them on the Roku device as well as the app’s official website. Kindly note that the canceled subscription will terminate the service after the due date of the current subscription. If you are facing any issues related to the cancellation of Cinemax on Roku, feel free to share them with us in the comment section of this post.