Netflix is the most popular OTT streaming app in the world. It streams movies, TV shows, series, documentaries, anime, etc. Netflix offers only paid monthly subscriptions in multiple plans. The content library has a wide range of collections for providing non-stop entertainment. You can cancel the Netflix subscription anytime without any restriction. Roku has the provision to buy the Netflix membership through a Roku account. You have to end the subscription before the due date to In the below article, we will learn about the method to cancel Netflix on Roku.


Netflix has an extraordinary interface for an excellent streaming experience. It streams the content in HD as well as Ultra HD streaming quality. Netflix provides a facility to download the content and stream it anywhere anytime offline. It recommends the movies and series depending on the watch history. Apart from this, Netflix also has Originals movies and series for streaming. It has content in multiple languages and has subtitle support for every content.

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How to Cancel Netflix on Roku?

Netflix membership can be cancelled on the Roku using Roku account. You can cancel it either on the Roku device or Roku website.

on Roku Device

#1 Start your Roku device and log in to your account.

#2 Press the home button on your remote and select Streaming channels.

#3 Search for Netflix app and select the app.

#4 Press * button on the remote and tap Manage Subscription.

Select Manage Subscription - Cancel Netflix on Roku

#5 Click Cancel Subscription in the Manage Subscription prompt.

Click Cancel Subscription

#6 Select Cancel Subscription again to confirm the subscription cancellation.

Select Cancel Subscription - Cancel Netflix on Roku

on Roku Website

#1 Open Roku website on any browser on your PC.

#2 Sign in to your Roku account and click Manage account.

Sign in to your Roku account - Cancel Netflix on Roku

#3 Select Manage your subscriptions from the available options.

Click Manage your subscriptions

#4 Hover to Netflix and click Unsubscribe to cancel the subscription.

#5 Tap Done to confirm the cancelling process.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription (Generally)?

Netflix subscription that is bought through the Netflix account can be canceled on the Netflix website on your smartphone or PC.

#1 Launch Google Chrome browser and visit the Netflix site.

#2 Sign in with your Netflix account credentials and tap the Profile icon.

#3 Select Cancel Membership in the Membership & Billing category.

It will cancel the Netflix membership and in case you have DVD Plan select Cancel your DVD Plan to end the subscription.

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We have discussed the two ways to cancel a Netflix subscription on Roku. You can able to enjoy the Netflix streaming till the end date after cancellation. Kindly specify the queries and feedback in the comments section below.