Roku is among the most popular and simplest streaming devices, with thousands of free and paid streaming platforms. You can easily download a channel on Roku and uninstall it within seconds. Likewise, you can also unsubscribe to any paid platform if you are unsatisfied and don’t need it anymore through Roku itself. Yes! You can cancel your subscription to any forum directly on the Roku device and using the Roku Channel Store website. To know how to cancel your subscriptions on Roku in detail, follow the simple steps we’ve provided below and unsubscribe from any platform within no time.

Cancel Channel Subscription Directly from Roku Device

[1] Power up your Roku device.

[2] Pick up your remote and press the Home button. The Roku home screen will open up.

[3] Then, press the right arrow key on your remote and hover over the channel grid.

[4] Now, select the channel you’d like to cancel the subscription and press the Asterisk button on your Roku remote.

click asterisk button to cancel subscription on Roku

[5] Now, a pop-up menu will open up. Choose the Manage subscription option and click on it.

Click Manage subscription to cancel subscription on Roku

[6] Then, click on the Cancel subscription option.

Click Cancel subscription

[6] Confirm your cancelation again, and after doing this, you have successfully unsubscribed the channel.

Note: If you don’t find the manage subscription or cancel subscription option in any Roku channel, it probably means you don’t have the subscription for the channel or may be subscribed via other platforms.

Cancel Channel Subscription From Roku Website

Even if you aren’t near your Roku device, you can cancel your subscription online easily through the Roku Channel Store website.

[1] From the smartphone or PC, visit the official website of Roku.

[2] Sign in to the website with the account linked to your Roku device.

[3] Click on the Profile (avatar) icon at the top right corner.

[4] Choose the My Account option and reach the Manage Account section.

Click My account

[5] Then, click on the Manage your subscriptions menu.

Select Manage your subscription

[6] Here, you can find your subscribed services under My subscription.

[7] Click on the Cancel subscription option highlighted in purple next to the channel you wish to cancel the subscription.

Click Cancel subscription

[8] Confirm the cancellation, and the channel subscription will be canceled immediately.

Note: You can use this method only if you have subscribed to a channel through Rokupay. Or else you have to unsubscribe from that channel through its official website.

These are possible ways to cancel subscriptions on Roku to any channel. Subscription cancellation doesn’t mean you cannot subscribe anymore. You can restart the subscription plan anytime you wish for.