Roku is one of the best streaming devices you could ever find. And with the best Roku channels, you can easily stream your favorites. However, to stream your favorites on Roku, you need an internet connection. Sometimes Roku won’t connect to the internet due to some reason. However, you can easily troubleshoot the issue. But you have to find the IP address on Roku to do that. So, we have come up with the article that you can use to find the IP address of your Roku with a remote.

4 Easy Methods to Find the IP Address on Roku Without Remote

The following are the three easy methods you can use to find the IP address on Roku without a remote.

With the Help of the Roku Mobile App

The easiest step to take if your Roku remote is not working is to use Roku Mobile App. The Roku mobile app is available on Android and iOS smartphones. So, you can use these devices to find the IP address of your Roku without a remote.

[1] Open the Roku Mobile app on your Android or iOS Smartphone. You can also get the Roku app for PC.

Roku App for Android Smartphone: Google Play Store

Roku App for iOS Smartphone: App Store

[2] Next, connect your Roku device and Android or iOS Smartphone to the same wifi network.

[3] Tap on the Device tab from the lower right corner.

[4] Your smartphone will search for a nearby Roku device. From there, select your Roku device.

[5] Now, select the 3-dot icon as shown in the image below.

finding Roku IP address With the Help of the Roku Mobile App

[6] In the dropdown menu, select the View System Info option.

With the Help of Remoku

Remoku is a web extension for Google Chrome. The purpose of the Remoku web app is to use it as a virtual Roku remote. So, if connected to the same network, Remoku will be able to control your Roku device or TV.

If you don’t have Roku remote, this is one of the easier ways to get your Roku IP. Follow the steps mentioned below to get the IP address this way.

[1] The first step is to open Google Chrome. In the browser, go to the Chrome Web store.

[2] Click on the search box and type Remoku in it. Next, search for the web extension.

[3] Choose the Remoku web extension and click on the Add to Chrome button.

[4] Now, the Remoku extension will be added to your your Chrome.

[5] Select the Extension icon from the upper right corner and pin Remoku.

[6] Now, Remoku will be visible on the extension toolbar. Click on the Remoku icon to open the web extension.

[7] In the virtual remote, you will see a list of options; select the Settings option.

[8] Connect your PC and Roku to the same wifi network, and Remoku will automatically pair with your Roku device.

[9] Then, click on the Settings icon, and you will find the IP address of Roku in the My Network field.

Finding Roku IP Address with the help of Router

Using the router to get the IP addresses is a more direct approach, but the steps may vary from router to router. Although there is a problem that most routers do not let you see the name of the Devices connected. To battle this, you must have the device’s MAC address as a backup.

[1] The first step is to open the web browser of your choice and type in your Routers IP Address. To get Router’s IP address, you can look at the back or below the router; usually, it is stated there. If not there you can check the manuals and you will get them.

[2] Along with that, you will also get the default login details. Fill it out to enter the Router’s admin interface.

[3] Next up, depending on which router you are using, you will either see the list of the device immediately, or you will have to go through the status pages to access them.

Finding Roku IP Address with the help of Router

[4] Your router usually lists the devices connected by the hostname, making it very easy for the Roku user to identify it. All you have to do is check the list for the name, and the corresponding Ip address is that of the Roku device.

Finding Roku IP Address with the help of Router

[5] If the Router Admin is not showing any hostname, you can use your MAC address to get the IP address.

Using Third-Party Websites

We have a simpler method to find the Roku IP address without a Remote. But this method does come with shortcomings; one is you will have to know your MAC address, and the other is you will have to fill in that MAC Address to a third-party website. If you are comfortable with both, you must go to a website like and fill in your MAC address. You will find your Roku IP address with Roku listed as the Manufacturer. This is a little workaround as you will be accessing a third-party website, but it will surely get the job done.

Lastly, if none of the methods work for you, you can try contacting Roku Customer Care. All you need is the Serial number of your Roku device. Once you have that, contact them via the Roku support page or by calling +44 203 684 1123.


1. Can I find Roku IP address?

Yes, you can easily find the Roku IP address.

2. How to Find the Roku IP address without a remote?

You can use the Roku Mobile app on your smartphone to find the IP address on Roku without a remote.