To stream your favorites on Roku, you need an internet connection. Sometimes Roku won’t connect to the internet due to some reason. So, to troubleshoot the internet connectivity issue, you need to know the IP address of your Roku. Additionally, you can find the IP address of your Roku with and without a remote.

Possible Ways to Find the IP Address of your Roku

You can find the IP address of your Roku using two methods. They are:

  • With Remote
  • Without Remote
    • Using Roku App
    • With Windows PC
    • Using Third-Party Websites

Find IP Address of Roku With Remote

1. Press the Home button on your remote and go to the Roku home screen.

2. Select the Settings option on the Roku home screen.

3. From the settings menu, choose the  Network option.

4. Select the About option from the menu.

5. With this, you can see the IP address on your screen.


How to Find the IP Address on Roku Without a Remote

With the following methods, you can find the IP address of your Roku without a remote.

Find IP Address Using the Roku Mobile App

If you have connected the Roku app to your TV, you can easily find the IP address of your device without a remote.

[1] Open the Roku Mobile app on your Android or iOS device.

Roku App for Android device: Google Play Store

Roku App for iOS device: App Store

[2] Next, connect your Roku device and Android or iOS device to the same wifi network.

[3] Make sure to sign in with your Roku account.

[4] Next, hit the Device tab from the Roku home screen.

[5] From the scanned devices list, select your Roku device.

[6] Now, tap the Three Horizontal dots icon as shown in the image below.

finding Roku IP address With the Help of the Roku Mobile App

[7] In the dropdown menu, select the View System Info option.

Now, you will be able to find the IP address of your Roku device.

Finding Roku IP Address Using Windows PC

In case you have connected your Windows PC to the same wifi Router as your Roku, you can find the IP address as follows:

1. Turn on your Windows PC and click on the Search Bar near the Windows icon.

2. Search for Comand Prompt and open it.

3. Next, in the Command Prompt window, enter ipconfig and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

4. Now, you can find the IP address here.

Find Roku IP Address Using Third-Party Websites

If you suppose to know your Roku device’s MAC address, you can easily find the IP address without the use of the remote.

1. Open a web browser on any device you like.

2. Next, visit the webpage in the URL Box.

3. Enter the MAC address of your Roku and search for it.

Now, the IP address of your Roku device will be displayed on the screen.


How to Find Roku IP address by serial number?

Once you have the serial number of your Roku device, contact customer support via the Roku support page or by calling +44 203 684 1123.