Disney+hotstar is a popular video streaming app. It is owned by a Star network. This app needs a subscription for all the new features, including the Disney content. However, you can also watch several contents like TV shows, movies, live, etc., on this app for free, without a subscription. Disney+Hotstar streams on other devices like Chromecast, Roku, Firestick TV, etc. The Roku users have faced many problems while streaming the Disney Plus on Roku. Today, we will tell you about how to fix Disney Plus not working on Roku.

How to Fix Disney Plus not working on Roku?

Below are all possible ways to fix Disney Plus not working issue on Roku

  • Check internet connection
  • Check device compatibility
  • Restart your Roku device
  • Update your Roku device
  • Remove & Reinstall your HBO Max app
  • Clear the cache
  • Check both the servers
  • Re-login to your account
  • Power cycle your Roku device
  • Try watching another show
  • Report a problem to Disney Plus

Method 1: Check internet connection

When your device loses connection, it will stop streaming videos on your device. Also, many issues arise because of the Loss of network connection. Follow the steps to clear it.

1. From the Home screen, head to Settings.

2. Then, select Network > Check Connection.

If the connection is good, your Roku device will access better connectivity.

Method 2: Check device compatibility

As Disney Plus is streaming on Roku, it doesn’t mean all its lineup is supported. Disney Plus will select only the particular Roku device to stream its content. Visit the Disney Plus help center to see whether your Roku model is compatible.

Method 3: Restart your Roku device

Restarting will help to clear any issues that occur in the device. Follow the steps to restart your Roku device.

1. Go to the Settings option.

2. Under Settings, click on the System option.

3. Press the System Restart option.

Method 4: Update your Roku device

Updating also helps the device to run fast without any issues. Update the device according to the steps directed below.

1. Open Settings on your Roku device.

2. Select System > Software Update > Check Now.

Disney Plus not working on Roku

Also, check whether the app Disney Plus is updated because sometimes, if the app is not up to date, problems may occur while streaming.

Method 5: Remove & Reinstall your HBO Max app

Uninstalling and reinstalling your Disney Plus app will help you to fix many bugs.

1. Highlight the Disney Plus channel press the (*) button.

2. Select Remove channel and remove the app.

Disney Plus not working on Roku

3. Now, go to the Roku channel store.

4. Find and install the Disney Plus app from it.

Method 6: Clear the cache

Clearing the corrupted cache and data may help the Disney Plus app to work on the Roku device. To remove them, follow the steps as directed below.

1. Navigate your Home screen.

2. Select the Disney Plus channel.

3. Then, you need to press the Asterisk Button on your Roku remote.

4. Click on Remove Channel.

5. Now, Restart your Roku device to Clear the cache.

Method 7: Check both the servers

The first thing to do whenever you clash with a problem is to check the servers of both the Roku device and the Disney Plus channel. To check both severs, you should use a third-party tool like DownDetector as it provides information about the status of the applications and the issues encountered by them.

Method 8: Re-login to your account

1. Get your Disney Plus app on the web browser.

2. Select the Profile icon and click on Manage Devices.

3. Find your Roku device from the list and Log out.

4. Restart your Roku device and log in to your Roku account.

Method 9: Power cycle your Roku device

1. Unplug your Roku from the power socket.

2. Wait for 2 minutes.

3. After 2 minutes, Plug in the device and turn it ON.

4. Now, check whether you can play Disney Plus on Roku.

The power cycle will help your device to get free from glitches and errors.

Method 10: Try watching another show

Disney Plus may encounter any problems at times. And it becomes unusable for a certain period. If you face a problem while watching a show, turn back to your media library and stream random shows or movies to know whether the problem is with the specific show or the Huu channel. In this way, you can identify the problem.

Method 11: Report a problem to Disney Plus

If the problem is continuous, you should get help from the experts. You can also visit the Disney Plus help center and make them clear about the problem so that they can solve them easily. You can contact the team through chat and call. They will provide you the best solution for the encountered problem.

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Winding Up

Disney Plus can be streamed on all the Roku devices to enjoy watching movies, Series, TV shows, etc. Disney Plus provides more than 10,000 content for its users, and you can also subscribe to it to enjoy watching the unlimited videos. But, sometimes, there will be a small error in the software, internet, server, etc., and that can be fixed by trying all the troubleshooting methods mentioned above. So, use the methods as headed above, and if found useful or found any issues, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section.