People choose Roku for their impeccable performance and their streaming quality for better entertainment. But even though some users face some difficulties like Roku Private listening not working, AirPlay not working, etc. In that order, users complain about fixing the Roku volume not working error while streaming. To fix this technical-related problem on your Roku, try following some easy troubleshooting steps on your device.

Reason for Roku Volume not Working

A Roku remote or the device might face errors while used due to corrupted caches, temporary glitches, or hardware failure on the device. This might affect Roku devices in various forms. Likewise, if your Roku Volume is not working, there might be a software glitch or hardware failure on your remote.

Steps to Fix Roku Volume not Working

To fix your Roku Volume not working error, perform the following troubleshooting steps.

Replace the Batteries on your Remote

Replace Roku remote batteries

When your remote commands are not received by Roku, then the problem might be with your remote. If this is the case, you can replace the batteries on your remote. Because a weak battery signal on the remote might give an improper signal to Roku or sometimes won’t work. Remove the battery case of the remote and clean it if any dust is inside the spot. After replacing the battery, try volumizing the Roku channels using the remote.

Clean your Remote

If your Roku remote is dusty or greasy, or the edges of the button get clogged with dust, then this might affect the remote chip to perform an action. So take a dry cloth and gently clean up the dust, then use a toothpick and gently remove the dust or other particles stuck in the buttons without damaging the chip. After cleaning, you can press the volume button to check whether it’s working or not.

Check for TV Muting

If your TV is muted accidentally, then your Roku device can’t access the volume for channels. Sometimes the TV Mute icon might not show due to any glitches or after turning the TV off while muted. So try unmuting the TV and check the Volume of your Roku device.

Unpair and Pair your Roku Remote

If some buttons are not working on your Roku remote, then the problem could be with the unsynced remote controller to your Roku device. Suppose the remote is unsynced. Then, the command on your TV will not work. So try pairing your remote again to the Roku device.

1: Press the Home button and select the Settings option.

2: Now choose Remotes & Devices option.

3: Then click on Remote >> Set up a new device option.

Steps to pair remote to Fix Roku Volume not Working error

4: In the next step, tap on the remote and select the Continue option on the right.

Click on Remote and Continue button

5: Now open the battery case of your remote and press the pairing button for five seconds.

Press the button for five second to pair your Roku remote

6: This will pair your remote to Roku again.

7: Now press the Volume button to check whether the fix has solved the Roku Volume not working error.

Note: If the remote is completely not working, then try using Roku Mobile app as a remote to perform the steps.

Turn off Private Listening

Private listening is a feature where you can listen to the Roku sound in your earphones. Since it is easy to activate the private listening feature, users get forgetting to turn off the feature. If the Private listening is still turned on in your Roku, then the sound will not be played out on the speakers or stereo. So to turn off private listening,

1: Open the Roku Smartphone app on iOS or Android devices and click the Devices option.

2: Now select your Roku device and tap on the Remote icon.

3: In the virtual remote, click on the headphones icon on the screen to enable and disable Private listening on Roku.

Turn off Private listening to Fix Roku Volume not Working error

4: After turning the feature off, try accessing the volume on Roku to check whether the fix has solved the not working error.

Restart your Roku Device

A temporary glitch on your Roku software might affect the volume and other features on the device. To this, a simple restarting will fix the issue.

1: Turn off your Roku device and pull out the cable from the socket.

2: Now, wait for 3-5 minutes.

3: Then plug in the cables to the socket and turn on the Roku device again.

4: Now try accessing Volume on Roku and check whether the fix is working or not.

Change HDMI Port

After a long time of usage, TV parts may get faculty, or their function will get hindered hardware and software-wise. So if you’re using your Roku device on an HDMI port, then try changing the device to another HDMI port to fix the Roku volume not working error.

Reset Audio/ Video Settings

The next possible issue for your Roku volume not working might be the mismatch in audio/video settings on your Roku device. So try resetting the setting to default to fix the issue.

1: Press the Home button and select the Settings option on the screen.

2: Then click on System and Advanced System Settings options.

3: Now select the Factory reset option.

4: Under the Factory reset section, choose the Reset TV audio/picture settings.

Click on rest TV audio/picture settings to Fix Roku Volume not Working error

5: Then press the Play/ Pause button three times on your remote to reset the settings.

Now try using the volume buttons on your Roku.

Factory Reset

When your Roku device gets corrupted with bugs and glitches, your device starts to work improperly. So if this is the case, try Factory resetting your Roku device might fix the problem. A factory reset will erase all your downloaded data and make your device as new as like manufactured. So use this method as the last hope to fix the issue.

1: Select the Settings option from the Roku home screen.

2: Then, choose the System option on the screen.

3: Now click on the Advanced system settings option.

4: Then select Factory reset and enter the four-digit pin displayed on the screen.

Select Factory Reset option

5: On the pop-up, click on the Start Factory Reset option and end the process.

Choose Start Factory Reset option to Fix Roku Volume not Working

Contact Roku Tech Support

If all the above steps fail to solve your Roku Volume not working error, then you can contact Roku tech support to inform the issues with the device. You will get an immediate response from the team for problems with possible solutions.

Now, you can able to resolve the Roku volume not working problem with the troubleshooting steps. You can mention if none of the fixes resolved the volume not working problem in the comments. Our Team will reply with the proper working solution to your particular issue. If you have any queries or need any updates about Roku, let us know in the comments.