Roku is a hardware digital media player that offers streaming media content. It was founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood. In 2007, Roku and Netflix joined together to work on a project called Griffin. The goal of the project was to release a set-top box that allows Netflix users to stream Netflix content on TV. After a month on the project, Reed Hastings the founder of Netflix decided to kill the project because of various reasons. But in 2008 Roku released its first set-top box and by 2010 they started offering various models. There are many methods in which you can solve Roku Volume not working.

Roku runs on an OS called Roku OS that is based on Linux distribution. In 2014 Roku Joined with Smart TV manufacturers to produce TVs inbuilt with Roku OS, and by 2021, one out of three smart TVs that are being sold in the U.S. and Canada will have Roku OS inbuilt on them. In late 2014 Roku released its first Smart TV called Roku TV. Roku introduced the latest 10th generation of Roku streaming players in 2021.

How to Fix Roku Volume Not Working Issue?

There are three common fixes to solve the Roku volume not working issue:

Method 1

If your Volume button on your remote is not working, then replace your batteries with a new one and check whether the volume button is working or not.

Method 2

By using a tool, try to open your Roku remote and clean the chip with a cloth and check whether the volume button is working or not because there may be a small amount of dust on your chip which makes the remote not working.

Method 3

Remove the battery and press each button several times for three or more seconds. Smack the remote against the palm of your hand a few times. Insert the battery again and check whether the button volume is working or not. Because you may press your remote after eating chips or any other different foods with your hands, that contains the debris of the food you have eaten, which often piles up on your remote.

Alternate Method

If your Roku remote is still not working after the above methods, then you can try to install the Roku app on your Smartphone.

Connect your Smartphone and Roku device to the same Wi-Fi network.

(1) Go to Google Play Store or App Store.

(2) In the search column, search the Roku app.

(3) Select the Roku app and click on Install.

(4) Open the Roku app and sign in with your Roku account.

(5) From the list of TV, choose your TV. Select Channels.

Select Channels

(6) Choose the show you want to watch and your TV will play the show you selected.

(7) The screen on your mobile phone will show you a Roku remote, use it to control Roku as you did with a Roku remote.

Use Roku remote on phone because Roku volume is not working

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These are the methods in which you can solve Roku volume not working. After trying out these methods and Roku volume is still not working then go to Roku Support. Here, you may be able to find the solution for the Roku volume not working.