HGTV Go is a TV everywhere app that offers new episodes of your favourite shows available at the same time they air on TV. Roku is the simplest way to get various online contents to your home directly from the web. Roku offers free access to HGTV Go but requires a cable or satellite subscription through participating TV providers and also you have to sign in with the TV provider to stream live HGTV. With live TV, you can watch past episodes of many popular HGTV shows on-demand. Add HGTV GO app to Roku channel, and you will be able to unlock the premiers earlier before they even air on the TV. Let see what the steps required to add HGTV GO to the Channel list.

Add HGTV Go App to Roku Channel

HGTV Go is an officially available on Roku Channel store. So the installation is very starightforward.

#1: Connect your Roku Media player to the HDMI port of your TV.

#2: Turn on your Smart TV and open the Roku media player.

#3: Connect your Roku device to the WiFi.

#4: Then login to your Roku steaming player on your TV.

#5: Take your Roku remote, press home button. It will take you to Roku Home screen

#6: Scroll down to the options and select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming channels

#7: Select search channels.

Search channels

#8: Now you search for and select HGTV Go channel. Then select Add Channel to download the HGTV Go.

HGTV Go on Roku

#9: After you done with download, select Go to Channel to open the app on your Roku device.

Activate HGTV GO on Roku

To Activate the HGTV GO app on Roku, you need to connect your Roku device and the Computer or any device (This device will be used to activate the HGTV Go app) with the same network.

#1: Open the HGTV Go app on your Roku connected TV.

#2: The Activation code will appear on your TV screen.

#3: Now Open the web browser on your computer or any device and visit

#4: After that enter the Activation code in the appropriate field and click Activate.

Activate HGTV Go on Roku

#5: Then choose your TV provider and sign in with that network.

That’s it. You have successfully activated HGTV Go, you will be able to access all the HGTV contents.

HGTV Go on Roku

To Conclude

If you are looking for the best TV streaming app, the HGTV Go on Roku is a great choice. With the HGTV Go, you can get unlimited entertainment on the go. If an official Go app, moreover here are some of the alternatives that stream HGTV contents, Hulu live, Sling TV, Philo, Fubo TV and AT&T TV streaming services. Thanks for reading