Jailbreaking is something that enables you to do anything on your device more than just what is offered. It is possible on iOS, Android, and Firestick. When it comes to Roku, the Jailbreaking option is nil. Roku has almost all streaming services preloaded in its channel store, so there is no need to jailbreak it. But when you want to access something that is not available on the Roku, there are some ways to do it. You can use the following methods to cast the media contents that aren’t available on your Roku device:

  • Roku Mobile App
  • Roku Media Player
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Screencast
  • Kodi Media Player

Roku Mobile App

With the Roku app installed on your Roku device, you can cast local media like images, videos, audio, etc., from your Android or iOS device.

[1] Download and install Roku mobile App from Play Store/App Store.

[2] On the bottom panel, click on Devices. Choose the Roku device that you want to pair.


[3] Choose the Media icon below your Roku device name.


[4] Select the media that you want: music, photo, video, or screensaver.


[5] Watch the selected media on your device.

Roku Media Player

Roku Media Player is available by default on all the latest versions of Roku. If you can’t find the player, you need to update your Roku device to the latest version. If you are using an older version, add Roku Media Player from the channel store.

First of all, copy your media content to the USB drive with a PC’s help and then connect it to your Roku device.

Make sure your USB device is formatted with any one of these file systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, and HFS+.

[1] Launch Roku Media Player and choose the Media Type.


[2] Select the device that holds the media content.

[3] Navigate to the content and press OK on your Roku remote to start playing.


Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring is one of Roku’s most common things to view or stream an app that is not available on Roku officially. By enabling this feature, you can screen mirror media from your Android smartphone and Windows computers.

  • On your Roku, go to Settings >> System >> Screen Mirroring Mode >> Always Allow.
  • Connect your Android/Windows 10 computer and Roku to the same WiFi network.


  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose the Cast menu under the Display & Connection settings.
  • Choose your Roku device.
  • Select and play the media that you want.

Windows 10

  • Press Windows + P keys.
  • Choose Connect to a wireless display option.
  • Connect your Roku device.
  • Play the media content that you want.


The screencast is another way to watch third-party content on Roku. The main advantage of this feature is that you can use your smartphone for other purposes while casting the contents. However, the feature is not compatible with most of the apps. YouTube and Netflix are the best examples for the screencast. All you need to do is

screencast roku

[1] Launch the app, which is compatible with the screencast.

[2] Click on the Cast icon.

[3] Select your Roku device.

[4] You are all set for casting.

Use Kodi Media Player

Kodi is another effective way to watch the media contents that are not available on Roku. Since Kodi is known for playing third-party content, it is not available on Roku Channel Store. But you can watch Kodi content on Roku by using the screen mirroring feature.

For detailed information, visit our dedicated guide on Kodi for Roku.

Final Words

Roku has all the streaming channels available in the market. So there is no need to Jailbreak Roku, even if it is possible. If there is any way discovered in the future, it is not advisory to do it. Do you know any other way to Jailbreak a Roku device? Mention it in the comments section.