Web conferencing play a significant role in business transactions and to host various meetings with colleagues, staffs and clients over the internet. The Cisco WebEx Meetings is one of the best video conferencing app available. This app is the right choice for King-sized enterprises and organisations to conduct external meetings with their officials. The Free version of this app comes with certain limitations, where the premium version is equipped with expandable communication tools to utilise. This app is well suited on multiple devices that include Android, iOS, Firestick, Windows, Linux and many more. But unfortunately, the Cisco WebEx Meetings app is not found on the Roku channel store. If you are a Roku user, it is possible to communicate and collaborate with multiple peoples by screen mirroring Cisco WebEx Meetings to Roku.

Even on screen mirroring, the Cisco WebEx Meetings app will function the same on the compatible device. You can make calls, share presentations, conduct training programs and host external meetings directly form Roku screen.

Feature of Cisco Webex Meetings

  • Host meetings and conferences with any number of people.
  • HD video and audio support available.
  • Record the whole discussion and share them with others who were unable to attend the meeting.
  • With Cisco Webex Meetings, one can quickly schedule meetings.
  • Share your screen containing presentations, documents and contents from different applications.

Steps to Enable Roku Screen Mirroring

When you decided to screen mirror Cisco WebEx Meetings to Roku, first of all, you need to enable screen mirroring mode on Roku device.

#: Turn on your Roku device and go to Home screen.

#2: Scroll down your to home menu options to Settings and select it.

Enable Roku Screen Mirroring

#3: Select System option, followed by it, choose Screen Mirroring.

Enable Roku Screen Mirroring

#4: Next select Screen Mirroring mode, it will display three options Prompt, Always allow, Never allow. Here choose Prompt option.

Enable Roku Screen Mirroring

Now you Roku device is ready to share your android or windows screen.

Cisco WebEx Meetings app on Roku from Android

Casting or Mirroring from android is pretty simple and easy. Before entering into Screen mirroring, it is essential to connect your Android and Roku device with the same WiFi.

#1: Launch the Google Play Store and search for Cisco WebEx Meetings app.

#2: Then install and open the Cisco WebEx Meetings app on your Android device.

Cisco WebEx Meetings app on Roku from  Android

#3: Sign in to your Cisco WebEx Meetings app.

#4: Now go to Android settings and choose Connection & sharing option.

Open Settings

#5: Select Cast option and then tap the toggle to enable casting,

Enable android cast option.

Note: To enable casting on android, you need to turn on Bluetooth.

#6: Tap your Roku device from the search result, immediately both the device starts casting.

#7: After casting starts, your Roku TV will start displaying your Mobile screen.

Cisco WebEx Meetings app on Roku from  Android

#8: Now open the Cisco WebEx Meetings app, host video conference and meetings directly from the Roku connected TV screen.

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Cisco WebEx Meetings on Roku from Windows

Cisco WebEx Meetings is accessible from the mobile app and website. If you want to cast Cisco WebEx Meetings to Roku from windows, it is possible directly from its web page. As same as on Android, you need to connect your Windows device and Roku with the same WiFi network.

#1: Open the Chrome Browser on Windows and go for www.webex.co.in.

#2: Click sign in and enter your Cisco WebEx Meetings credentials the required field.

Sign in to Cisco WebEx Meetings

#3: After sign in, right click on screen or click the three dot icon on top right and choose Cast.

Cisco WebEx Meetings on Roku from Windows

#4: It will search for available devices, once your Roku device name appears on search field, click the source drop and choose cast tab.

Cisco WebEx Meetings on Roku from Windows

#5: After that select your Roku device from the search result, it will start casting.

#6: Once you done with the casting, your windows screen with Cisco WebEx Meetings page will be displayed on your Roku screen.

Cisco WebEx Meetings on Roku from Windows

That’s it, you will be able to conduct meetings and access other Cisco WebEx Meetings functionalists directly from the Roku big screen.

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Create Cisco WebEx Meetings Account

Create Cisco WebEx Meetings account is at free of cost. You no need to pay any fee at the time of Sign Up.

#1: Open the any browser and  visit www.webex.com.

#2: Move the cursor to the Sign up now, it’s free button and select it.

sign up for Cisco WebEx Meetings

#3: Now enter your Email address and click sign Up.

Enter Email address

#4: On the next screen enter the required information to set up Cisco WebEx Meetings.

#5: After that click Continue. That’s it your Cisco WebEx Meetings account is created.

Click continue

#6: Now you can use the registered Email address as a user name to sign in to Cisco WebEx Meetings app and website.

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To Conclude

The Screen mirroring is the only way to get Cisco Webex Meetings on Roku streaming player. Cisco Webex Meetings is the best communication software to hold meetings and conferences with tremendous scale. Even on Screen mirroring it allows you to share the Screen with other participants and record the meeting in MP4 formats. Thanks for reading.