Roku is one of the prominent streaming devices and TV manufacturers. You can watch all your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime video, etc. It is entirely free to activate and requires no additional cost. Roku TV/streaming player is controlled using remote, which needs to be paired with the device. Get to know about How to pair a Roku remote from this article.

Ways to Pair Roku remote

There are two types of Roku remote available,

  • IR remote
  • Roku Enhanced remote

How to Pair Roku to IR remote

1: Connect the Roku device to your TV.

2: Check the remote for batteries.

Note: It has AA and AAA size batteries variant, depends upon the type of Roku model.

3: Now, press any button on your Roku remote, it will automatically get paired using the IR Sensor of the remote.

How to Pair with Roku enhanced remote

1: Insert batteries to your remote and turn on the Roku TV.

2: Place the remote near your Roku device so that it gets paired automatically.

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What if the remote doesn’t pair?

If both the IR and Roku enhanced remote does not pair with your device, then you need to reset your remote. To reset the remote, follow the steps below.

1: Press & hold the reset button on your remote for about 5 seconds (Reset button is at the bottom of your Battery compartment)

Reset button roku

2: Release the button once the pairing LED starts flashing on the remote.

Note: Pairing LED can be found either at the front bottom of the remote or below the battery compartment (mostly near the reset button)

3: Now, wait until it gets paired and shows the successfully paired message on your TV screen.

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An alternate way for Roku remote pairing

There is another way to control the Roku device by installing the Roku app on your smartphone, instead of using the remote control. The Roku app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android Smartphones.


Open the Roku app > Tap Remote > Select your Roku device > Now control everything from your Mobile.

Roku mobile remote - HOW TO PAIR ROKU REMOTE?


You can now easily pair the Roku remote with your Roku TV or Roku streaming player with any of the above-mentioned methods, and start watching your favorite tv shows, movies, and Originals on Roku. Let us know your feedback about the article in the comments section below.