There is no introduction needed for PowerPoint as it is the best medium to expose your professional excellence in a creative way. Generally, Powerpoint presentations have something to do only with computers and projector screens. But in times of absence of a projector, the next option that comes to everyone’s mind is a TV. But the truth is not all devices support PowerPoint. Roku users are blessed in this case, as it is possible to play PowerPoint on Roku. So, now the question is how to do it, and the answer is just a scroll away.

Ways to Play PowerPoint on Roku

To play PowerPoint directly on Roku, you can use any of the following hardware.

Go through the upcoming methodologies, and after that, pick a device and method that’s convenient for you.

Play PowerPoint on Roku Using HDMI Cable

[1] Pick up an HDMI cable and make sure it is compatible with Roku.

[2] Connect its one end to your PC, having the PowerPoint presentation.

[3] Then, connect the other end to Roku’s HDMI port.

[4] Now, turn on your Roku device and go to its Settings option from the Home page.

[5] Get into the TV Input option and change the input on Roku to HDMI.

Select TV inputs option

[6] Now, you can see your PC’s screen on Roku.

[7] Select your desired PowerPoint presentation and play it with ease.

Play PowerPoint on Roku using a USB Drive

Unlike the previous method, you can play PowerPlay on Roku without using your PC. This can be done with the help of a USB drive. Copy the PowerPoint Presentation file you want to play from the PC to the USB Drive. But know that you can’t directly play a PowerPoint file on Roku. So convert your whole presentation into Roku-compatible formats such as MP4 video. After doing so, proceed by following the upcoming instructions.

[1] After converting your PowerPoint Presentation slides into video or audio, connect a USB drive to your PC.

[2] Copy the file to the USB drive and eject it.

[3] Now, connect the USB drive to your Roku device’s USB port.

Insert USB on Roku to watch PowerPoint

[4] Your USB drive will appear in the File Manager folder.

[5] Click on it and navigate to the PowerPoint presentation file.

[6] Now, select and play the converted video file on your Roku.

Alternate Method – Screen Mirroring PowerPoint on Roku

Screen mirroring is another best technique to adapt if you want your presentation done on Roku without using any cords or gadgets. So you can screen mirror PowerPoint on Roku from Android Smartphones using the following steps.

[1] Enable the Screen mirroring option on your Roku. Then, connect the Roku device and your Android mobile to the same WiFi network.

[2] Then, open your Smartphone’s Notification panel and select the Cast option.

Cast PowerPoint on Roku

[3] From the appearing list of devices, select Roku‘s name and tap on it.

[4] That’s it. The PowerPoint presentation you swipe on your mobile can be watched on your Roku.


Is Google Slides on Roku?

No, Google Slides is not available on the Roku Channel Store.