Users of Roku often find themselves at a disadvantage because their Roku device doesn’t have any DVR feature. Suppose if it is there, you could record your favorite live streams and store them locally on a hard drive or on cloud storage for rewatching it any time. But luckily, many streaming services available on Roku provide a cloud DVR feature that helps in recording shows without any need for a local storage device. This is a welcome move for Roku users and YouTube TV is one such streaming service that offers unlimited cloud DVR storage. If you are a Roku user, go through the upcoming topics and get to know how to utilize this feature and record your favorite TV shows, movies, etc., on YouTube TV.

How to Record a Show with YouTube TV on Roku

Before we proceed to record a show on YouTube TV, install and activate YouTube TV on your Roku device. Also, make sure you have an active subscription. After that, follow the below steps.

1. Turn on your Roku and connect it to the internet.

2. Press the Home button on Roku remote and go to its home screen.

3. Using the arrow keys on the remote, go to the channels section.

4. Navigate and select the YouTube TV app from the list.

5. After getting into the app, look for the shows you want.

6. You can look for TV shows, movies, etc., in the Home section. Live TV programs can be found on a separate Live section provided at the top. You can also use the Search option to find the programs you want.

7. If you want to record a TV Show, open that and click on the + symbol shown on its page. This would record and save all the shows’ airings to your account.

Click on Add to Library

8. For Live programs, play the program you want and pause the video. Choose the + symbol, which is displayed below the video progress bar. It would only record from the moment you started watching it.

Record on Youtube TV Roku

NOTE: If you cannot find the + symbol, it means that a particular show is not available for recording.

How to Access Recorded Shows on YouTube TV with Roku

In order to access the recorded shows on YouTube TV with Roku,

1. Open the YouTube TV app and click on the Library option provided at the top.

Go to Library to access the recorded YouTube TV videos on Roku

2. There, you can see the recorded shows are categorically organized into Movies, Sports, Shows, Events, etc.

3. You can even look at shows or programs that are scheduled to be downloaded.

4. Select the recorded show you’d like to watch and click on it to watch on Roku.

How to Delete Recorded Shows on YouTube TV with Roku

You cannot manually remove previously recorded shows on YouTube TV. You can only stop the automatic download of scheduled future recordings. To do that,

1. Launch the YouTube TV app on Roku.

2. Go to the Library and navigate to the show/program you want to stop recording.

3. After it gets highlighted, click on the kebab menu icon (). It would display some options.

4. In that, untick the Add to Library option.

Untick the Add to Library option to stop recording videos

5. After this, no future recordings of the show will be done.

How to Enable Auto-Delete on YouTube TV with Roku

Auto-delete feature in YouTube TV automatically removes the particular recording from your DVR after you have seen it. To enable that,

1. Open the YouTube TV app on your Roku and go to its Settings.

2. Click on the Recordings option.

3. In that, choose the Auto Delete option.

4. Next, you are given the option to select either All recordings to expire after four weeks option or Keep only the most recent two weeks of recordings option.

5. Choose an option that’s comfortable for you and make the necessary changes.


1. Why can’t I delete my YouTube TV recordings on Roku manually?

That’s because YouTube TV takes care of it. YouTube TV only stores its recordings for a period of 9 months from the date of recording. After that, YouTube TV will automatically delete it.