Are you looking for the best place to watch Classic Old Movies on Roku? Then, here are a few suggestions for you. Old Movies might not be as colorful as present-day movies. However, they bring you a special feeling, unlike today’s blockbusters. Classic movies are always loved and appreciated by people.

Channels that stream Old Movies on Roku

We have a lot of movie channels on Roku. However, not all of them have a good collection of old movies. So, let’s discuss a few channels streaming Old Movies on Roku.


Netflix is the leading media streaming platform on Roku. A lot of people across the globe use Netflix to watch their favorite movies and series. Netflix also has a good collection of classic movies. So, if you are already a Netflix user, you can stream classic movies. Some of the best movies include The Blazing Sun, Cairo Station, Saladin the Victorious, and Scarface.

Netflix: Old Movies on Roku

Warner Archive

Warner Archive or Warner Classic Movies is the biggest collection of old movies on Roku. It streams all the finest classic Hollywood movies. You can get access to movies of different decades on these channels. Popular classics include Medical Centre, Baby Face, and five seasons of Dr. Kildare.

Warner Archive: Old Movies on Roku

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the leading On-demand content streaming platforms. On Amazon Prime, you can buy movies and series to watch them. It also has a good collection of classic movies. You can find movies by specifying decades on Amazon Prime. Some popular classic movies here include The Count of Monte Christo, It’s a Wonderful Life, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Funny Face.

Amazon Prime: Old Movies on Roku

Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies is the best destination of classic old movies. As the name suggests, it focuses only on Classic Movies. You can Log In to TCM by providing pay-TV details like SlingTV. With one single TCM account, you can stream on two simultaneous devices. Further, it has movie playlists like Star of the Month, Birthday Tributes, and 31 days of Oscar.  

TCM: Old Movies on Roku

Best Free Classic Movies

Best Free Classic Movies streams a lot of good Classic movies on Roku. It is developed by the Vybed Out Network. It has classic movies of different genres, including Horror, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, and Action. You can stream all the classic movies on this channel for free.


Hulu is one of the popular streaming services. It has both plans for on-demand content and a Live TV option. The on-demand Hulu content also includes a good collection of old movies. So, if you have a Hulu subscription, watch Classic movies in it. Popular Classic Movies on Hulu are The Grapes of Wrath, The Tall Stranger, Young Frankenstein, The Pony Express, and Carrie.


Vudu is a popular movie streaming service. You don’t need to subscribe to Vudu to watch its content. However, you need to buy each movie or season of a series to watch it on Vudu. Also, Vudu has a lot of Classic movies streaming on it. You can buy these movies and watch them. Additionally, Vudu has a few free classic movies. The popular classic movies stream based on ads. Popular classic movies include henry, Blue Steel, The Long Walk Home, Spider Baby, and House on Haunted hill.


FandangoNOW is another streaming service with popular movies and series. It is pretty similar to Vudu. You can buy or rent movies and series on FandangoNOW. Some popular classic movies on FandangoNOW include Dr. Zhivago, The Ten Commandments, and Lawrence of Arabia.


Peacock is a streaming service from NBCUniversal. It is the home of unlimited entertainment with a lot of popular movies and series. Peacock is based on subscription plans. Also, it has a good collection of classic films. Popular classic movies include Rear Window, Pillow Talk, Charade, Shanghai Express, and Arabesque.


HBO Max is a streaming service from HBO. It has a lot of popular movie shows and series. This includes Game of Thrones, DC Universe movies, and Friends. However, it is also the home of classic movies. Stream classic movies like Adam’s Rib, Belle du Jour, and The Adventures of Robin Hood on HBO Max.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is another channel on Roku that streams classic movies. It has a better collection of old films than many other networks. Popular classic movies include Willow, Three Men and a Baby, Turner and Hooch, Tron, and Splash.

Wrapping Up

We have discussed a few channels on Roku with a good collection of old movies. You can add these to your player and stream the movies. Some of them, like Vudu, have free classic movies for you as well. You can find the classic movies of the different decades with these. Have a great time watching your favorite old movies on Roku.