Roku is a streaming device that comes in Hardware and is preinstalled as the main OS on some TV brands. On Roku, you can add many streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Starz, BBC America, etc. If you have lost your Roku TV remote or it is damaged, then you can turn on your Roku TV by using the TV Power button, Universal remotes, the Roku app, or by other alternatives.

How to Turn on Roku TV without Remote


[1] Plugin your Roku TV to the Power cable and look at the TV’s back or bottom for the button.

Note: The power button will be present either at the back of the TV or at the bottom center of the TV.

[2] Then, find and press the Power button and turn on your Roku TV.

TV BrandPower Button Location
TCLBottom Center of the TV
PhilipsThe back side of the TV
HisenseBottom or on the back of the TV
HitachiBottom center of the TV
JVCSide or back side of the TV
Sharp Bottom Right Side of the TV

How to Turn on Roku TV/ Device without Remote

Before proceeding, you need to connect both your TV and your smartphone to the same WiFi network.

[1] Install the Roku app from the Google Play Store or App Store for your smartphone.

[2] Now open the app on your Android or iOS device.

[3] On the home screen of the app, click on the Device tab from the bottom.


[4] Select your Roku device from the list.

[5] After selecting your Roku device, click on the Remote option below.


[6] Now you can see a virtual remote present on your mobile screen.

[7] Using that, you can turn on and navigate your Roku device.

Using the Virtual remote turn on your Roku TV

Note: If this method does not work with your Roku device then you probably need to check your Roku connection.

How to Check Connection on Roku

[1] Go to the Home screen and select the Settings option on Roku.


[2] Then, navigate and select the Network options from the list.

[3] Under network, click on the Set up connection option and select Wireless on the right.


[4] Check the Network you have connected to your Roku device.

choose your network

[5] Now connect your smartphone to that Network.

How to Turn on Roku TV using Universal Remote

You can also use a Universal remote for controlling the Roku device. The remote has to be paired to the TV through codes and you can get the codes for the TV online.

[1] Buy a Universal remote from a trusted store with the manual.

RCA Remote

[2] Now press the required button and make your remote ready for pairing. You can find the required button for pairing on the remote manual.

[3] Go to the website of the Universal remote or the Roku website and find the remote codes for your Roku TV.

[4] After finding it, enter the code on your universal remote while pointing it at your Roku TV.

[5] Pair the Universal Remote and press any button to see if your TV responds.

[6] If it responds, then you can turn on your Roku TV by using your paired Universal remote.

Apart from this, there are several other ways to turn on the Roku device. As an alternative, you can turn on your Roku TV by using some of the gaming consoles and devices like PS4, Nintendo Switch, Alexa, etc.