WhatsApp is a popularly used social media messaging service that helps people stay connected all over around the world. It is entirely a free messaging app that comes with multi-layered encryption, so there is no chance of mishandling information. In addition to text messaging, you can make audio and video call. WhatsApp will work well even in slow internet connection. Apart from personal use, you can use WhatsApp for your business purpose, and it is a handy tool which easily interacts with customers and shares your ideas without any hassle. WhatsApp is supported by all leading operating system like Android, iOS, Windows and many more. But unfortunately, it is not officially available in Roku Channels Store. If you are looking for an easy way to access Whatsapp on Roku, the Screen Mirroring is the Right Choice.

Roku is a top-rated online streaming media player compatible with various apps and services. If you want to access non-Roku apps, the screen mirroring is the correct decision. It has a built-in Screen mirroring option, and it is easy to enable it.

Turn on Screen Mirroring

If you decided to cast or mirror WhatsApp on Roku, make sure the screen mirroring option is enabled on Roku. If not follow the steps below to enable it.

#1: Turn on your Roku player on TV and sign in with your Roku account.

#2: Go to Home screen and select settings option.

Screen Mirroring on Roku

#3: Scroll down to System and select it.

Screen Mirroring on Roku

#4: Followed by system select Screen mirroring and choose screen mirroring mode option.

Screen Mirroring on Roku

#5: Finally select Prompt from the next window.

Screen Mirroring on Roku

That’s it the screen mirroring is enabled on Roku media player.

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WhatsApp on Roku from Android

Before casing WhatsApp to Roku, make sure both Roku device and android smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network.

#1: Install and launch the WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.

#2: Then Follow the on screen instruction and enter you Phone number, click next.

Enter Phone number

#3: Enter the verification code and start using Whats app on your android smartphone.

WhatsApp on Roku from Android

#4: Now swipe down on your android screen and choose Cast option.

WhatsApp on Roku from Android

#5: Then turn on Bluetooth option, instantly your smartphone will start searching for the nearby devices.

#6: Select your Roku device from the search result. It start casting with your Roku device.

#7: After the casting is started, your smartphone screen with WhatsApp will be displayed on Roku connected TV screen.

WhatsApp on Roku from Windows

As like the android, you need to connect Roku media Player and Windows device with the same WiFi.

#1: Open the chrome browser and visit web.whatsapp.com.

#2: Now open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

WhatsApp on Roku from Windows

#3: Tap the three dot menu icon at the top right corner and select WhatsApp Web option.

WhatsApp on Roku from Windows

#4: Now point your smartphone to the QR code shows on your Windows screen.

WhatsApp on Roku from Windows

#5: Once the QR scanning is done, you can access your WhatsApp directly from your Windows computer.

#6: Now Right click on your Google Chrome Browser screen and choose Cast option.

Cast From Windows

#7: When your Roku name is found on search result, click the Source drop box and chose Cast tab option.

Cast From Windows

#8: After that select your Roku name to start casting. Once the casting is started, you can access your whatsapp directly from the Roku connected TV screen.

To Conclude

Since WhatsApp is not a native app on Roku, the only way to use is through screen mirroring. So you cant control Whatsapp via Roku Remote. Once the screen mirroring is started, you can use WhatsApp via your smartphone or computer. Thanks for reading. Any queries comment below.