Are you stressed out? Need some personal time dancing and playing, oozing out stress? The Just Dance Now app is here to help you out. Though this app does not exist on the Roku channel store, we can still get them on our Roku device. In this game, we can enjoy dancing and score points for perfect dance moves. Unfortunately, this app is unavailable on Roku channel Store, so the only option would be to screen mirror on Roku using a compatible device.

How to get Just Dance Now on Roku

Just Dance Now has a separate app, but it is unavailable on the Roku channel store. But you can access them by screen mirroring your device with Roku.


Here are some pre-requisites to access the Just Dance Now App on your Smart Phone.

  • Android Phone: Android 5.1 or higher.
  • iOS Device: iOS 12 or Higher.
  • Any Roku device or Roku TV.

How to get Just Dance Now on Roku Via SmartPhone

Before starting the process, connect the Android or iOS device and Roku to the Same WiFi connection. Also, enable the Screen mirroring and Airplay option on Roku, then follow the below steps.

1. Open the Just Dance Now app available on the App Store or Play Store, and Launch it on your device.

2. Sign in with your account if needed.

3. Move to the Playlist or the Songs tab from the bottom.

4. Bring down your Notification panel and hit the Cast option on your Android.

cast option

5. For iOS, move to the Control center and click on the Screen mirroring icon.

screen mirroring

6. Select the Roku device from the Available device list that appears.

7. Choose the Allow option displayed on your Roku device.

8. Once the process gets over, your Android or iOS screen will be mirrored on the Roku.

Tips! If you have an issue with screen mirroring or the AirPlay is not working, you must fix it before proceeding with the process.

How to get Just Dance Now on Roku using Windows PC

1. Connect your PC and Roku with the same WiFi network.

2. Go to the Action Center and select the Connect option.

select connect option

3. Now, pick the Roku device from the Connection window.

4. Click Accept or Always Accept option from your Roku device.

accept option for just dance now roku

5. After this process, the PC’s screen will be mirrored on the Roku.

6. Move to the Official website of Just Dance Now from your Desktop.

7. Open the Site and click the Try it for free button.

click on the try it for free button

8. Now, Scan the QR code or append the Room number from the Android to your device.

QR code to access just dance now roku

9. Select a Track from the tracklist of the Just Dance Now app.

10. Hold your Android smartphone in your right hand and Start dancing by seeing the Roku device.

This process provides you scores according to the perfection of your dance steps.

How to Get Just Dance Now on Roku from Mac PC

1. Connect your Mac and Roku to the same WiFi network.

2. Move to the Control center of the Mac, then select the Screen mirroring icon.

3. Choose the Roku device from the Scanned devices list that appears.

4. Your Mac screen will be displayed on your Roku device.

5. Now, launch the Safari browser on your Mac PC and go to the official site of Just Dance Now.

6. Hit the Try it free button and Launch the app on your Android or iOS.

7. Now, Scan the QR code or Enter the Room number on the Just Dance Now app displayed on the web page of your Smartphone.

Room number for Just dance now o Roku

8. Select a Track to dance in the Just Dance app.

9. After this process, you can dance by waiting for the steps on your Roku device.


Is Just Dance Now free?

Yes, you can download and install the app for free, but to use the app to the fullest, we can get a premium subscription by paying $29.99/per year.

What is Just Dance Room Code?

This is a unique number designated to access the dance room.