Going back to college doesn’t mean a student should stop streaming Roku. The channel has affordable packages for students across the globe. It streams over half a million movies, sports channels, and TV programs. It is mobile-friendly, and students can watch hundreds of educational videos from anywhere.

The channel contains features that help users to control their experience. They may choose to listen privately and decide what to watch. There are more than a dozen of Roku’s hidden features that can help maximize student learning potential.

Improve your language fluency while having fun with Roku’s educational channels

The benefits of learning grammar include better understanding, fluency, and vocabulary. Students understand the rules of speaking and writing. They improve grades and the quality of communication. Learning a language is sometimes challenging and lacks productivity. Roku’s educational channels make learning language both fun and entertaining.

The platform features a wide range of channels with varying content. They contain study instructions, exam preps, and teaching language. A channel like Innovative Language teaches vocabulary, culture, and grammar. Students who speak English as a second language find the channels beneficial.

The more the students watch movies, the more they perfect their language. They become experts in spoken and written English. When they read the free essay samples on Eduzaurus, they do not struggle to understand the language style and tone used. The free essays can help them get inspiration for different essay topics. Eventually, they become expert writers in different types of academic papers. Due to the entertaining movies offered by Roku, the entire experience is full of fun.

List all your favorite shows, channels, and movies in one place

Sometimes searching for an educational channel, show, or movie is not easy. With over half a million options, it can take many hours to choose your preferences. Roku’s one list for them all feature enables students to select their top streaming lists. They can add educational documentaries, movies, shows, and music.

The feature is embedded in the Roku operating system. You only need to select your favorites and them to your list. When you open What to Watch on the home screen, you will find all your favorites. It makes learning fun and could help aid in research, reading, and writing.

Get more content using the Voice Search feature on Roku

You might have an idea of what you want to watch, but you cannot recall the exact title. Your option is to keep scrolling through thousands of titles. You may also type some keywords in the title and search using the suggestions. You have an easier and effortless way to search and save your study time.

Voice Search is a feature that allows you to search by speaking. Just speak the keywords, and the platform will use AI to search. It will display the most appropriate suggestions. You don’t have to speak directly to the microphone on your screen. You can capture your voice using your remote control and get the expected results. To initiate a voice search, just press and hold the voice search button.

Get customized learning through Roku’s streaming power

Roku is more than a movie streaming channel. It uses technologies such as AI, data analytics, and machine learning. Through different algorithms, the developers offer customized content based on the user. The technologies gather large amounts of data based on user behavior. It is then automatically processed and generates a report that shows user preferences.

For instance, the technology identifies the types of channels a student searches. They could be searching for documentaries on history, earth, or cultures. Another student might often search for educational channels, movies, or tutorials. Through the gathered data, Roku suggests content that best fits the needs of the learner.

Improve creativity through Roku’s Change Maker Program

The Change Maker’s Program was designed by Roku for use by young creators. Each year, the program hosts students from different countries. They are taken through film production processes. Participants get exposed to the film sector and learn new skills. They are then given a chance to create a film. Students who create the best films get rewards. Their films are also published on Roku.


Roku offers more than 500,000 different types of content. They include movies, documentaries, educational content, and TV shows. The channel contains more than 20 hidden features that can improve student learning potential. Some of the top features include educational channels and voice search. The change makers program and customized streaming are useful for enhancing learning.