Major League Basketball or MLB channel brings to you the MLB matches live or on-demand. It also streams content like match highlights, team news, scores, and points table even without a subscription. Let’s add and stream MLB.TV on Roku. You can follow all your favorite teams in the MLB league and get updated about the schedule and matches. Let’s discuss MLB on Roku.


MLB on Roku

We have the MLB channel on Roku and we can add it to our channel list. It streams HD quality live matches, and on-demand archived matches, and other content. It includes documentaries, World Series films, and more. Get an MLB.TV subscription from Let’s add MLB.TV On Roku.

MLB.TV on Roku

1. Turn on your TV and connect the Roku device to it.

2. Navigate to and select the Streaming Channels option on the sidebar on your home screen.

3. Now select the Search Channels option from the menu on your screen.

4. On the Search bar, type and search for MLB.TV.

5. The search results appear on the screen. Select the MLB.TV app from the list.

6. From the overview page, click on the Add Channel option.

7. Now, the channel starts to download. Wait for a few minutes for the download to complete and press on OK.

8. Launch the MLB.TV app from the home screen.

9. On the top-right menu, select the Settings option.

10. Log In to your account with proper credentials.

11. Open the app and play the contents on the app.

Alternative Ways to get MLB on Roku

Apart from the official MLB channel on Roku, we can stream content from different service providers. You can download these from the Roku channel store and need a subscription to access channels and on-demand content.


AT&T TV is the best Live TV streaming option you can get on Roku. It has different packages and different channel line-ups covering news, sports, entertainment, and information. You can get MLB Network on AT&T TV on different packages like Choice, Premier, Ultimate, and Xtra.


Sling TV

Sling TV is another popular streaming service that you can get on Roku.  The SlingTV has two main packages: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Both of these plans are $30 per month and have different channels. With any of these base package, add a Sports package of $10 per month to get MLB Network. Along with MLB, it streams ESPN, ESPNU, Pac-12, and beIN Sports.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another popular streaming channel. It streams around 70 channels for $64.99 per month. With all the other entertainment, news, and sports channel, it streams the MLB Network.

YouTube TV

Wrapping Up

Major League Basketball is one of the popular basketball leagues. We have discussed the different ways by which we can watch MLB.TV on Roku. You can download an official MLB.TV or get access to its contents on different service providers. Enjoy watching your favorite basketball league with MLB.TV.