If you like watching movies, then you should know about Movies Anywhere. Movies Anywhere is a single destination that brings you movies from other apps. You don’t have to go through other apps for watching movies. However, you can only access movies from other apps you have subscribed to. You can get Movies anywhere on Roku, Firestick, iOS, and Android. Now, let’s install and access Movies Anywhere on Roku.

Movies Anywhere

How to Add Movies Anywhere on Roku?

Movies Anywhere, without any doubt is the best place for movie lovers. You can watch trailers and clips before purchasing movies. So, download, install and activate Movies Anywhere on Roku.

Movies Anywhere

1. Firstly, turn on your TV and connect your Roku device.

2. Press the Home button on your remote and go to the home screen.

3. Navigate to the Streaming Channels section on the side-bar on your screen.

4. Next, go to the Search Channels option on the Streaming Channels section.

5. With the virtual keyboard on screen, search for the Movies Anywhere channel.

6. Next, press on the OK button to see the channel overview.

7. Finally, choose the Add Channel option. With this the app starts downloading.

Now, we have successfully added Movies Anywhere on Roku. However, we need to activate it before using it.

Activation of Movies Anywhere

Before, you start streaming movies on Movies Anywhere, activate it.

1. Firstly, launch the Movies Anywhere app on Roku. Follow the procedure to get an activation code.

2. From any web browser on your PC or phone, visit moviesanywhere.com/activate.

3. Next, Sign In  with your proper credentials.

4. Enter the activation code on the space provided.

5. With this, you activate your account, and the Movies Anywhere home page appears on the screen.

6. Click on the My Movies tab on the top of the screen. Choose any movie you like from this page.

7. Finally, click on the Play Now button and start streaming with Movies Anywhere.

What does Movies Anywhere have?

Movies Anywhere have a lot of movies from other providers. It has a library that recommends movies on other apps and makes it easier for you. Further, it allows you to download the movies so that you can enjoy watching them online. The media platforms on Movies Anywhere include iTunes, YouTube, Microsoft Movies &TV, and Vudu. To add movies on Movies Anywhere, you need to visit their website of other providers with your account and buy movies to watch. You can access Movies Anywhere on four screens at once and login to different devices with a single account. Furthermore, with Movies Anywhere on Roku, pre-order movies to watch once they release.