Are you a movie lover with a Roku device? Then, let me suggest to you an amazing channel with a cool collection of movies. MUBI on Roku streams classic films, popular movies, and documentaries. You can find a lot of award-winning movies on MUBI. Further, MUBI keeps updating its library to feed you enough content. MUBI supports multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Malay, and Brazilian. Apart from Roku, MUBI is on Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs, iOS, and Android devices.

MUBI on Roku

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What’s on MUBI?

MUBI is an amazing movie channel with a cool collection of movies and documentaries.

MUBI on Roku
  • MUBI produces movies and releases them in theatres. You can find these movies in the MUBI app.
  • It streams acquired classic as well as new movies from different languages and countries.
  • Experts in MUBI carefully chooses the content on MUBI
  • Further, you can find reviews, ratings, and articles. So, you can choose any movie of your taste from the library.
  • The library of the app is updated every single day. So, you can find new content every day.
  • Additionally, MUBI has a community for movie lovers. Here, you can discuss and debate anything relating to movies.
  • MUBI lets you download the movies to watch them offline.

How to Add MUBI on Roku?

We have the MUBI channel on the Roku channel Store ready for download. Follow these steps to add MUBI on Roku.

1. Connect the Roku device to your TV through the HDMI port.

2. From your home screen, choose the Streaming Channel option.

3. Navigate to and select the Search Channel option.

4. Search for MUBI on the search bar.

5. From the search results, pick the MUBI channel.

MUBI on Roku

6. On the Channel Store, choose the Add Channel option.

7. Finally, click on OK as the download completes.

How to Activate MUBI on Roku?

We need to activate the MUBI Roku channel to stream its content. Follow these instructions to activate MUBI on Roku.

1. Launch the MUBI channel on your TV. You can find it on the home screen.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions and get an Activation Code.

3. Visit Mubi Activation Site from a web browser.

4. Enter the Activation Code provided in the space provided.

5. Finally, select the Activate button.

6. You can see that the channel is activated on your TV screen.

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Wrapping Up

MUBI gives its new Roku users a thirty-day free trial. The MUBI library is the home of specially hand-picked movies from the biggest filmmakers. Also, MUBI has a collection of classic movies you wouldn’t find on other services. Additionally, MUBI hosts documentaries from the past years, even dating back to 100 years. The documentaries are mainly about arts, power, and social justice. Further, make friends and discuss movies with the MUBI community.