Peacock TV is an apt choice if you want to watch 1000+ hours of TV content, movies, and much more. But how frustrating would it be when the Peacock TV is not working on Roku in between streaming? It is not an issue anymore, as we already have a predefined troubleshooting process to handle this issue.

Why is the Peacock TV Not Working?

When the Peacock TV is not working, in can be due to many factors. Below-listed is the common reason for this issue,

  • Unstable Internet connection
  • Peacock TV service offline
  • Existing Cache on the device

Methods to Fix Peacock TV Not Working Issue

Though there can be many reasons that stop Peacock TV from functioning normally. However, we still have some reliable troubleshooting methods that would help us understand the issue and also prevent it from happening again.

  • Restart peacock app
  • Check your internet connection
  • Restart the Roku device
  • Clear Roku cache
  • Reinstalling peacock app
  • Update Peacock App
  • Power Cycle Roku Device
  • Customer Support

Solution 1: Restart Peacock App

As you experience an issue with the Peacock TV, the first thing that you have to do is to restart the Peacock app. Doing so would eliminate any internal glitches in the application. So, go to the recent app tab on your device, and close all the apps running in the background. Then, launch the Peacock TV app on your Roku device to see if it works fine.

Solution 2: Check the Internet Connection

The other primary reason would be due to an unstable internet connection. Roku gives you the option to check the speed of the internet. Moreover, you can reset the internet connection by clicking on Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Network Connection Reset > Reset Connection. If the internet speed is inadequate, you can try changing the plan or reach out to the internet service provider to fix the issue. However, this app would require no more than 7 Mbps, as the Peacock TV is limited to HD streaming.

Solution 3: Restart the Roku Device

The best way to fix this is to restart the Roku device; Sometimes, there might be some temporary problem with your device. Restarting your device will help you fix the Peacock not working on Roku. All you have to do is to restart your Roku device.

1. Click on the Home button on your Roku remote.

1. Move to the Settings option from the home screen.

move to settings to fix peacock not working on Roku.

2. Go to the System option and click on the System Restart option from the menu.

Move to system option

When your device is done restarting, go back to the Peacock app and check if the problem is rectified.

Solution 4: Clean Roku Cache

Cleaning the Roku cache might also help you fix the Peacock TV not working issue on your Roku device. A soft reset is also known as Cache clean.

1. Press the Home button 5 times.

press the home button option to fix peacock not working on Roku

2. Press the Up Arrow button once.

Move to the upper arrow

3. Click the Rewind button 2 times.

4. Then, tap on the Fast-forward button on your Roku remote.

After this process, the Roku cache will be cleaned. Later, you can try accessing your Peacock TV on your Roku device to see if it works fine.

Solution 5: Reinstalling the Peacock App

If the issue is still not fixed, it can be due to any temporary internal error. So, you can try uninstalling the channel and then re-install them again.

1. On the Home screen, press the Right Arrow button using your Roku remote.

2. Next, locate the Peacock TV app that you wish to uninstall from the device.

3. Click on the Asterisk(*) button on you remote.

4. Finally, select the Remove Channel option from the menu.

5. Once again, confirm the uninstallation process from the prompt that appears on the screen.

6. When uninstalling the app, go to the Roku Channel Store to reinstall the app again.

7. Go to the Home Screen > Streaming Channels > Search Channels > Select Channel > Add Channel.

8. Launch the Peacock TV app and check if it works fine on your Roku device.

Solution 6: Update Peacock App

At times the apps on your Roku device can malfunction due to outdated firmware. So you will have to check frequently if any update is available on your Roku device or the applications used. Moreover, this can be the issue that stops the Peacock app from working. In this case, you have to update the Peacock app; this process brings new features and fixes the existing glitches. As you are done updating, you can try to stream your favorite content to check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 7: Power Cycle Roku Device

Low power supply to the Roku device can also be a reason that stops it from functioning normally. So try to power cycle your Roku device to see if it helps streaming Peacock TV.

1. Initially, unplug the Roku device’s power cord from the socket.

2. Wait approximately 10-15 minutes for the device to discharge the residual charges completely.

3. Now, you can plug the power cord into the socket, and also ensure to make the other appropriate connections as well.

4. Switch on the Roku device and see if you can access the Peacock TV on your Roku device.

Solution 8: Customer Support

These are the methods that will help you to fix Peacock not working on Roku. If you have this issue, still you can also contact customer service through the email process. They would be able to help us better in solving the issue.


Is the peacock TV channel free on Roku?

Yes, the Peacock TV can be installed for free, but they also offer a premium subscription for $4.99 per month.