The Primetime Emmy Awards are awards given in recognition of brilliance in American Primetime television programming. These awards are given by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and it was founded in 1949. At that time, the award was called the “Emmy Award.” It was only during the early ’70s in order to increase the influence of the award in other aspects of the television industry. They created the “International Emmy Award” and the “Daytime Emmy Award.” You can use applications like The Emmys, which is available for free to watch Primetime Emmy Award. The primetime Emmy Awards will regularly broadcast in September, the Sunday before the start of the fall season every year. You can watch Primetime Emmy Awards on streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, and other devices.

The awards categories are divided into three classes:

  • Regular Primetime Emmy Award
  • Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards
  • Primetime Engineering Emmy Awards

How to Add The Emmys on Roku?

(1) Press Home on your Roku remote.

(2) Select Streaming Channels and choose Search channels.

Select Streaming Channels

(3) Enter The Emmys using the virtual keyboard on the search bar and choose The Emmys app.

Enter The Emmys to watch Primetime Emmy Awards on Roku

(4) Select Add Channel to add The Emmys on Roku.

Select Add channel to watch Primetime Emmy Awards on Roku

(5) Select OK on the pop-up. You can now watch The Emmys on Roku.

Primetime Emmy Awards on Roku

To watch Primetime Emmy Awards on Roku, you need to have an Emmy Awards account. If not, then you need to register one.

(1) Launch The Emmys app on Roku.

(2) Choose Sign in and enter Emmy’s account.

(3) Once you sign in, you can select which Primetime Emmy Awards you want to watch.

(4) You can now watch Primetime Emmy Awards on Roku.

How to Register an Emmys Account?

(1) Go to Emmys website.

(2) Select Register. The screen will show the signup page.

(3) Enter your Name, Email, and Password and select Join.

Create your account and select Join to watch The Emmys on Roku

(4) You have created an account.

Alternate Method

Alternatively, you can screen mirror the content on the TV from an Android smartphone. Here are the ways to do so:

(1) Press Home on your Roku remote.

(2) Select Settings and choose System.

Select Settings

(3) Choose Screen mirroring and select Screen mirroring mode.

Select Screen mirroring and choose Screen mirroring mode to watch Primetime Emmy Awards on Roku

(4) To allow Smartphone mirroring, select either Prompt or Always Allow.

(5) Turn on your Smartphone and go to Notification Panel.

(6) Select the Cast icon or Screen Mirroring icon and select your Roku device.

(7) Your Smartphone screen will appear on your Roku device.

(8) Select The Emmys app. You can also download it from Google Play Store or App Store.

(9) Sign in to your Emmys account and select Primetime Emmy Awards you want to watch on Roku.

These are how you can watch Primetime Emmy Awards on Roku. The major networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC take turns to air the show every four years. By using The Emmys app, you can watch live events, past ceremonies, news, documentary, and other exciting ceremonies. Because of the pandemic, the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards took place at the Microsoft Theatre, Los Angeles, with a small audience, including the nominees and guests.