Error Code 001 is another type of error code that appears on your Roku TV screen if you have some issues with your internet connection. As a result, you can’t stream seamlessly on your Roku TV. Also, you won’t be able to update your Roku device’s firmware. You may come across a lot of Roku Error Codes, and the error code 001 is a type of error that you must fix immediately. Otherwise, you can’t get your favorites on your Roku TV. Also, the following guide will help you fix the Roku Error Code 001.

Roku Error Code 001

7 Methods to Fix the Roku Error Code 001

With the 7 working methods mentioned below, you can easily fix the Roku Error Code 001 issue.

Checking the Server and Streaming stick

There may be some issues with the server; that’s why you can see the Roku Error Code 001 message. There are many a time that Roku goes into routine server maintenance, but they don’t affect the user experience. Although on rare occasions, the servers might be down due to unknown reasons. For times like this, we suggest you try checking the official website. If you don’t find anything, you can try some third-party websites like down detector.

There might be another issue if you are using a Roku streaming stick. As you know, Roku comes with various ports, sometimes even multiple similar-looking ports. There might be a chance that you have put the device into the wrong HDMI port. By just switching it back to the actual port, we could resolve this issue.

The issues regarding faulty internet causing Roku Error Code 001

One more key reason, which is common with many of the other errors, is that the device might have faulty internet. Now first we must confirm whether we do have bad internet reception.

Checking Connection Via Roku

Roku has an inbuilt benchmark to check the internet connection. We by using that are gonna confirm whether we have good internet or not. By following the steps shown below, you will be able to run the test.

[1] In your Roku remote, press the Home button and navigate from the list of a side menu to select settings and press OK.

Checking connection via Roku to resolve Roku Error Code 001

[2] As you press ok, you will see a new set of options from it select Network.

Checking connection via Roku

[3] Now select the Network option, and in the new drop-down menu, select the Check connection option.

Checking connection via Roku

[4] Next, press OK to start the benchmark, and it will start performing the diagnostics.

Checking connection via Roku

After the test is complete you will get the result if your internet is poor or not. If yes it is then we have a couple of diagnostics that might help fix it.

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Changing Network Ping Status to Enable

Enabling network ping is a method in which your device keeps swarming a huge number of ping packets on your router. Enabling the disabled Network Ping helps resolve the issue. This in turn results in a stable and fast network connection. For doing this procedure we have to use the Secret Systems menu To achieve this follow the steps mentioned below.

[1] To access the secret menu, press the Home button on your Roku remote 5 times.

[2] By doing this we will enter the Secret screen menu. Now press Fast Forward, Play, Rewind, Play Fast Forward. By following this protocol you will be able to enter the system settings screen.

Changing Network Ping status to Enable

[3] You might see the System Operations option now; press OK after selecting it. In the set of menus, you will see the Disable network pings; press OK on your remote to enable it.

Changing your Router Or Reconnecting your Router

Before trying new methods make sure that you check whether your internet connections are working well or not. In this title, we are trying to help you change your router or reconnect the same one.

[1] Follow steps 1 and 2 of the topic Checking connection via Roku.

[2] After following those steps select Set up Connection from the list of options in the menu of Network.

Changing your router or reconnecting your router

[3] Now choose wireless, and from all the routers select the new one.

By doing so you will be able to connect your Roku device with a new router.

Using an Ethernet Connection

If you are worried that after doing all those steps your internet is still not up to the mark Don’t worry we still have one more trick up our sleeves. There might be a possibility that the wireless connectivity is the issue so we are gonna try going wired. We will try connecting the ethernet cable to your Roku device to see if it stabilizes the internet or not. Just make sure your ethernet cable is connected properly and follow the steps [1] and [2] of the previous topic and the step given below

[1] Now that you have chosen Set up Connection you will bother Wireless and Wired choose the Wired option and press OK.

Using an ethernet connection

Now if your ethernet has been registered then as soon as you click OK for wired it will connect. If it doesn’t then try reconnecting the cable and doing the process again.

Restarting the System

If after all those troubleshooting the error still persists, then we suggest you just do a system restart; this might help remove the corrupt file which might be preventing the device from showing the error code 001. By following the steps shown below you will abe to do just that.

[1] On your Roku remote, press the Home button and press Up from the list of a side menu to choose Settings.

Restarting the system to fix Roku Error Code 001

[2] From the Settings, select the System option.

Restarting the system to fix Roku Error Code 001

[3] From the System section, select System restart > Restart.

Restarting the system to fix Roku Error Code 001

Once doing so your Roku device will turn off on its own and after a short while it’ll turn back on.

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Power cycle

Many a time, a simple power cycle is all you might need to fix your error. It is because you do a power cycle just like a system restart; it gives the whole setup a soft reset. Doing a power cycle actually helps to remove some of the corrupt DNS caches. If you follow these steps mentioned below you will successfully be able to power cycle the whole setup:

[1] Remove the plugs from all the devices, including your router.

Power cycle

[2] Now press the power button for 30 seconds to discharge all the remaining power.

[3] Once you are done with this, wait for a few minutes and plug everything back.

That’s all, guys. All the issues that cause the Roku Error Code 001 will be fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I fix the Roku Error Code 001?

Yes, you can easily fix the Roku Error Code 001.

2. Why is the Roku Error Code 001 show up?

The Roku Error Code shows up because of the technical error on your Roku device. However, you can follow the guide in this article to fix the issue.