Your Roku device will automatically download and install the latest software during the initial setup process. However, you may receive the error message “Cannot connect to Roku” with error code 011 during this process. The software update failed because your Roku device was unable to connect to the Roku Software Update Server, resulting in error code 011. This usually happens because of minor glitches or server down, or, most commonly, slow internet. In this article, we will try to solve these issues so that the Roku error code 011 does not pop up.

7 Working Methods to Fix the Roku Error Code 011

The following are the seven working methods you can use to fix the Roku error code 011.

Check for Servers Issues

In case you believe that your internet is stable and nothing is wrong with it, you should check the server. Time and again Roku server may be down for maintenance. For scenarios like that, it is best if you check on Downdetector, which provides information like this. Then checks to see if there are any alerts that indicate the service is currently experiencing problems.

Check for servers to solve Roku error code 011

Disabling Network Ping to Remove Roku Error Code 011

Another way to resolve the error is by disabling network pings since the network pings the local router/server in a home’s local area network. The Roku device may swarm the home router with a huge number of ping packets. This might cause a sudden drop in wireless connectivity if, in the secret systems menu, the network pings feature is left enabled. When you disable network pings, it will remove most of the false reply pings which source back from the router. This might happen if the network is swamped by a minor DoS attack on the Roku device.

This solution might help solve the error issue in the beginning when trying to update your Roku.

This troubleshooting step can resolve connection issues when running through initial setup steps when all else fails. Go through the following steps if you want to disable network ping.

[1] The first step is to press the home button 5 times on your Roku remote.

[2] Now for the system’s secret settings to appear, try pressing Fast ForwardPlayRewindPlayFast Forward on your Roku remote. The system settings screen should appear, but if it doesn’t, repeat steps 1 and 2.

Disabling network Ping to solve Roku error code 011

[3] Now open the Systems Operations setting and select the Disable Network Pings and press OK on the remote. By doing you will see the change from Disable network change to enable network pings.

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Check your Internet Connection

If you have both of the above-mentioned methods and it still is not working, you should try this method. As seen in the warning itself, checking the network setting is a must. You might have any one of the two issues if your internet is the problem. Either your internet is very slow, or your Roku device is not connecting. We will try to check for both below.

Checking Network Connection Via Roku Device

First, we will try to check how much internet bandwidth the Roku TV is getting. Here are the steps for checking your internet connection :

[1] Once you are on your Roku TV’s homepage, select Settings from the left pane.

Checking network connection via Roku device to solve Roku error code 011

[2] Choose Network from the Settings.

Checking network connection via Roku device

[3] Now, choose the Check connection option.

Checking network connection via Roku device

[4] After that, your Roku device will run a diagnostic of your connection and will display a result after a few minutes.

Checking network connection via Roku device

If the signal strength is shown to be excellent, it’s not an issue regarding the internet; if not, then we suggest you keep going on this topic. So if your internet shows poor or weak, we suggest you re-enter your Wi-Fi details properly. Then, try to recheck your internet connections using above mentioned steps; if not, try the following procedure.

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Using an Alternate Internet Connection

If in the diagnostic your internet still shows weak or slow, you try changing it to a different router or a wired connection, both of which we will show you how to do.

Different router

Follow the steps below to change your router:

[1] We assume that you would already be on your home screen; if not, go to the home screen and press the Home button on your Roku remote just to make sure. Then select the Setting, which will be on end, and press OK on your remote.

Using an alternate internet connection router

[2] Choose the Network option and press OK on your remote.

Using an alternate internet connection router

[3] From the Network section, choose Set up the connection and press OK to select that.

Using an alternate internet connection router

[4] Now, select the Wireless option. Next, select your Wi-Fi from the list of networks available and your password using the on-screen keyboard provided.

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Using wired connections

For using the ethernet port of the same router or another one, follow the steps from 1-3 given above and follow the steps given below.

[1] After clicking on the Setup connection option, select the Wired option and press OK

Using wired connections to fix Roku error code 011

Using Secret screen Menu to Update Roku

There might also be a case that there is some glitch in updating the app directly itself. You could try updating it via the secret screen menu. we will help you guide through that

Using Secret screen Menu to Update Roku

[1] Go through the procedure that is shown in the diagram above on your Roku remote you will see the screen shown below.

Using Secret screen Menu to Update Roku to fix error code 011

[2] Now select Update software from the menu and press OK

And with those steps, you will most likely be able to update and won’t get the Roku error code 011. But if you still do, we got one last method you could try.

Completing a Power cycle to fix Roku error code 011

Power cycle

The last thing you can do is try a power cycle of your setup. The power cycle always works as a soft reset. All you have to do is turn off all the devices, including your wifi and plug it out and wait for 10-15 mins. After that, connect all of them back and turn on your Roku device-connected TV. That’s all, guys. Finally, the Roku Error Code 011 will be rectified on your Roku TV.

And with that, all the methods that could help you troubleshoot this problem are done. With our experience, we are sure that our readers will most likely be able to solve Roku error code 011. If not, then you can try contacting Roku support to help you solve it.


1. What’s the reason behind the Roku Error Code 011?

The reason behind the Roku Error Code 011 is internet connectivity or the bugs in your Roku device.

2. Can I fix the Roku Error Code 011 issue?

Yes, you can easily fix the Error Code 011 on your streaming device.