Roku has been a streaming giant for quite a while. It is not because of some special sauce; it’s just they keep the experience and UI simple. However, some say that technical errors are bound to happen. Roku Error Code 018 is one of those errors. This error pops up because of slow internet, which leads to loading screens not being able to open. In this article, we will try to resolve this issue with some of our tried and tested methods.

7 Methods to Fix the Roku Error Code 018

The following are the 7 methods you can use to fix the Roku Error Code 018.

Basic Troubleshooting Methods

With the basic troubleshooting methods listed below, you can easily troubleshoot the Roku Error Code 018.

Power Cycling

We believe that before trying any major method, you can try power cycling. This is a simple yet very effective method that many Roku has vouched for. By doing this, you can simply delete any corrupted DNS files that might have been affecting the internet connectivity.

[1] You should first shut down your Roku device as well as your router. Once you have done this, unplug the power cord.

Power cycling  to fix Roku Error Code 018

[2] Wait for your Roku device and router to completely shut down, and then wait for another 5-10 minutes.

[3] After you have waited, plug the power cord back in.

Power cycling  to fix Roku Error Code 018

Now you can boot up your Roku device and your router to complete the power cycle.

Removing Any Electromagnetic Objects

When you get Roku Error Code 018, there might be a chance that the internet is slowing down. Now, this can sometimes happen because some electromagnetic devices, such as generators, Loudspeakers, etc., tend to absorb all signals.

The best way to solve this issue is to remove any electromagnetic devices like the ones mentioned above from the vicinity of the router, smart cast box, and smart TV.

By doing so, there is a chance the issue is resolved.

Troubleshooting Methods Related to the Internet to Fix Roku Error Code 018

With the methods below, you can easily fix the internet connectivity issue. Thereby fixing the Roku Error Code 018.

Check Internet Connection

Now to complete any internet troubleshooting method, you need to check whether the internet is working properly or not. Luckily instead of trying any third-party website, we can check it directly via Roku. You can check your connection in Roku fairly easily by a diagnostic test. To do that test, follow the steps mentioned below:

[1] Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on your remote. On the home screen, select the Settings from the left pane.

Check internet connection

[2] From the Settings, select the Network option.

Check internet connection

[3] From the Network section, choose the Check connection option.

Check internet connection

[4] Once you click on that, the system will start its diagnostic run, taking a few minutes to complete.

Check internet connection

Once the system has completed the system diagnostic, it will show the results to you. As a result, you might get two types of results. One is you will be good or excellent, meaning it is working fine. But another is bad or poor; this will mean that the Roku device is not getting internet up to their standards. For the latter scenario, try some of the diagnostic methods we have suggested below.

Enabling the Disable Network Pings

We have chosen this method as the first one because only for this one method you will have to access the Roku Secret menu. This secret menu can be accessed by tapping on some buttons of the Roku remote in certain protocols. By enabling the DNP or Disabled Network Ping, it can stabilize the network as well as strengthen it. By doing so, you might be able to remove Roku Error Code 018.

[1] First, to access the secret menu, you have to press the Home button on Roku remote 5 times.

[2] After doing so, press the following button in proper sequence Fast Forward, Play, Rewind, Play, and Fast Forward. The system settings screen will appear on-screen.

Enabling the DNP

[3] Open system operations on the list, and you will see an option.

[4] From the list of options, select Disable Network Pings and enable it.

Switching Network Security Protocol

In some network security, they use the AES method. Now, this is somehow conflicting with Roku. Because of this, Roku sometimes refuses to connect to the internet. For that scenario, we suggest you change the protocol on your Router. But this does come with an asterisk that is you are updating the security settings on your network, so you have to acknowledge the fact that you are doing it at your own risk.

[1] Check the panel or below the router to find the IP address. If not, check your manuals; it will look something like

[2] By adding your username or admin and password, which will also be mentioned on the back panel or the manual, you can open the Router settings. In that, navigate to Wireless or security in settings and make sure the security mode is not set to AES in any way. Select the WPAK2-PSK as one option (TKIP).

Switching Network Security protocol

[3] By doing so, you have changed your security mechanism. Now try connecting your Roku and see whether the error code 018 comes up or not.

Updating and Restarting to Fix Roku Error Code 018

If you still can’t fix the issue, you can restart or update your Roku to fix the Roku error code.

Update your Roku

Sometimes the Roku error can easily be removed by updating the Roku device. This is because each update brings in more security and bug fixes. There might be some certain bugs or corrupt files that might be doing just that. By updating, you will be able to resolve those problems. To update your Roku device follow the steps below.

[1] Press the Home button on Roku and select Settings. When you click on settings, you will get a list of options on the right pane, of which you will have to navigate to System and click on that.

Updating and Restarting to fix Roku Error Code 018

[2] When you click on the system, another side menu will appear; click on the System update, and further click on check now.

Updating and Restarting to fix Roku Error Code 018

[3] If the system finds any updates, Update now or Updates later pop will come. Select the Update now.

Updating and Restarting to fix Roku Error Code 018

Once you click on update now, it starts updating and rebooting itself. And in a few minutes, the new update will be installed and hopefully remove Roku Error Code 018.

Restarting the Device

This is as simple as the power cycle, but you do have to interact with the UI of Roku. Now we call it simple based on what it does. By doing just a quick system restart, you might fix the issue.

[1] The first step is to press the Home button on your Roku remote. After doing so, in the left pane from the list of options, select Settings.

Restarting the Device

[2] From the Settings, choose the System option.

Restarting the Device

[4] You will have to navigate to the System Restart > Restart.

Restarting the Device to fix

When you click on that, your system will restart and turn off automatically. After a few moments, your Roku device will turn on automatically. When you see the Roku logo bouncing on, it will mean you have successfully completed the system restart.

With this, the list suggestion from us has ended. But we are sure you will be able to fix the Roku error code 018. But if you still have the problem, you can try contacting your ISP or Internet Service Provider. You can also try contacting the Roku support, who may have some proprietary troubleshooting methods we don’t know about.


1. What is Error Code 009 on Roku?

When connecting a Roku to a wired or wireless network, Error 009 may display. A problem with the internet service provider, the modem or router, user or DNS data corruption, or hardware issues like a damaged cable or a blocked Wi-Fi signal are all common causes.

2. Should I clear the cache on Roku?

To increase the performance and even restore its original luster, clear the cache on Roku.