Roku devices are known for converting an ordinary TV into a modish Smart TV. Thus, it is evident why the current gen people pick Roku as their prominent option for TV streaming. But, the problem is several types of Roku devices are available in the market. Each has its unique features and functionalities, yet all of them are more or less the same in terms of performance. So, you must choose the Roku device that best suits your expectations. It is possible to pick one device only by comparing features. The top two fast-moving Roku devices are Roku Express and Roku Premiere, which are also potential choices to consider buying. Thus, let’s get set for a comparison battle, Roku Express vs Premiere. Pay attention to each analysis and wisely choose the Roku device of your wish.

Pricing and Specifications of Roku Express & Roku Premiere

FeaturesRoku ExpressRoku Premiere
Output Resolution1080p4K
Dolby Audio
Voice Commands
Mobile App
Built-in Chromecast
Built-in Siri/Alexa
Headphone Jack on Remote
Airplay feature
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Installation Setup

  • Users can set up and install Roku Express and Roku Premiere without the help of any technicians.
  • Unbox the package and connect the device to your TV either with an HDMI port or with a USB port.
  • Then, connect your Roku to a Wi-Fi network and follow the on-screen instructions to finish initialization.

User Interface

A neat and easy UI is needed for the user to search through the available content on their devices. Both Roku Express and Premiere run on the same Roku OS. Roku OS comes with a simple yet attractive UI for navigation and customizing device settings. The apps are displayed and styled in a grid format. You can easily navigate to any app, manage its subscription, update it, and do a lot more from the home screen itself.

Roku Express and Roku Premiere User Interface

Verdict: Since both devices have the same UI and OS, we can’t really come up with a clear winner here.

Collection of Streaming Service

The next thing you want to look for in a streaming device is the collection of apps and streaming services it provides. Both Roku Express and Premiere have the same store called Roku Channel Store to get apps.

Roku Express and Premiere featured channels
  • In Roku, every app is called Channels. To install apps on your Roku device, you need to visit the Roku Channel Store, which is available on the Roku home screen.
  • Roku has a collection of famous streaming services like HuluYouTube TVNetflixAmazon Prime VideoTubi TV, etc.
  • Every Roku user will get a free subscription to Roku Channel, in which you can stream its content on your Smart TV for free.
  • Using the Roku Channel Store website, you can add apps to your Roku device easily without turning it on.
  • You can’t sideload apps on a Roku device for safety purposes.
  • As an additional feature, you can cancel any subscription you want from the Roku device itself instead of visiting the official website of the respective platform.

Verdict: Both devices use the same OS and have access to the same streaming channels. So, Roku Express vs Premiere ends in a tie here.

Video & Audio Streaming Quality

The next vital thing to check in a streaming device is its audio and picture quality. A streaming device should be able to stream pictures in a quality higher than cable TV to its users.

Roku Express

  • Roku Express supports only 1080p HD videos and doesn’t support HDR10 and DTS: X.
  • It has Dolby Audio, Digital but doesn’t have Dolby Atmos and Vision.
  • Roku Express has a screen refresh rate of 60Hz.

Roku Premiere

  • Roku Premiere supports 4K and HDR10 content and has DTS:X in it.
  • It also has Dolby Audio, Digital & Atmos features. Roku Premiere supports Dolby Vision too.
  • Roku Premiere has a screen refresh rate of 60Hz, therefore, providing a more natural movement.

Verdict: Roku Premiere is hands down the winner here, as it offers 4K video quality along with Dolby Atmos Audio and Vision.

Remote Control

Both Roku Express and Roku Premiere use the same model of remote. The features of the remote are,

Roku remote
  • It has a catchy purple-black color to it.
  • Roku remote has quick buttons for channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc.
  • Both the device’s remote don’t have a power on/off button, Mic, and headphone jack provisions.
  • The Roku remote has an anti-slippery base in its remote back to prevent slippage from hands.
  • You can use the Roku remote shortcuts to restart your Roku in case of troubleshooting.

Verdict: This remote control feature, too, doesn’t help us distinguish the clear winner here.

Smartphone Apps

All Roku devices, including Roku Express and Premiere, can be accessed via Smartphones using the Roku app. The Roku app is available on many platforms, including Android and iOS. By using the app, you can manage subscriptions and use the app as a remote to control your Roku device.

What’s in the Box

The products we receive upon purchasing Roku Express and Premiere are listed below.

  • AA batteries
  • Premium Hgh Speed HDMI cable
  • Power Adaptor
  • Streaming Player
  • Roku Remote
Roku Express and Roku Premiere boxes

Note: New version of Roku Express doesn’t come with a Power adapter. Instead, you connect its USB cable directly to your TV for power.

Verdict: It’s a draw here, as both devices get the same set of accessories except for the streaming device.

Final Verdict

In our pursuit of finding the winner on Roku Express vs Roku Premiere, we have found out that only the video and audio streaming quality feature differs between both. Going by that, we can conclude that Roku Premiere is the winner. Because it has 4K video streaming quality and several Dolby features compared to Roku Express’ 1080p video quality.

One other feature to compare is their price difference. Roku Express and Premiere cost $29.99 and $38.90, respectively. But 4K video streaming quality in Premiere definitely warrants an extra $8. Moreover, Roku Premiere is not pricey compared to other similar-featured devices in the market.

So, if you want a 4K streaming device, go for Roku Premiere, but if you are satisfied with 1080p quality, then get Roku Express.