Roku is a streaming device that is used by people all over the world to access more than 500000 movies and TV episodes for free or at a premium cost. Whether you have the Roku Stick or Roku player, you can connect it to your TV’s USB port and power it on. As a result, it is common to get power-related issues and devices showing insufficient or low power warnings. You might find the message as “Insufficient Power: The current USB port on your TV will not power this Roku device. Please use the provided Roku USB power supply.” Besides this, the power-related issue can be identified with a warning box with insufficient power or a flashing red light. So, if you come across Roku low power warning pop-up on your TV screen, you should identify the causes and fix the issue.

Roku low power alert

Note: Do not confuse a flashing red light with a solid red light, as the latter indicates the device is overheating and needs to be unplugged from the power source.

When Does Roku Low Power Alert Occurs

For the following reasons, you will get a Roku low-power alert.

Did you know? Usually, Roku Stick requires almost 3 watts of power, while Roku Ultra uses 4.5 watts for 4K HDR content. The power output from the USB port will be between 2.5 watts and 7.5 watts.

  • The USB cable you are using to connect Roku to your TV might be old or damaged and fails to provide the required power to the Roku.
  • Sometimes, the accidental pull of the Roku device from the TV USB port may result in a sufficient power supply for the device.
  • The USB ports of your TV will have different power ratings, and connecting to the wrong port may be the reason for the low power warning.
  • Roku will crash at infrequent intervals, which is another reason for the low power warning pop-up.

How to Fix Roku Low Power Issue

These are the methods that will help you to fix the Roku low power issue.

  • Replace the USB Cable
  • Power Cycle the Roku Device
  • Try an Alternative USB Port
  • Clear the Roku Cache
  • Connect Adapter Properly
  • Factory Reset the Roku Device
  • Use a Direct Wall Outlet
  • Customer Support

Replace USB Cable

Using an unofficial USB cable to connect Roku with the USB port of the TV might be the most common reason for the low power issue. It is recommended to use the official USB cable on your device for good and better function. The official cable will be provided with the Roku player while purchasing it. Even then, you shall purchase the original USB cable for Roku online.

Power Cycle the Roku Device

Power cycling the Roku device will fix the low power issue. The process will also prevent your device from overheating and low power alert. To power cycle,

1. First, unplug the power cord from your Roku device.

2. Wait for 10-15 minutes to fix it.

3. You can plug in the cable to the required port.

4. Restart the Roku device and check that the error has been fixed.

Use an Alternative USB Port

If the error still occurs, you must be aware of the port to which you connected the device or the USB cable. Connecting to the fault port may also cause this kind of issue. Make sure that the connected port is correct. If not, switch the USB cable to another port and check if the issue gets fixed.

Clear Cache on Roku

Cleaning the Roku cache also helps you fix the Roku’s low power or insufficient power issue. The cache on your device may be the cause of various issues that take place on your Roku. To clear it away, you shall follow the steps below,

1. Click on the Home button 5 times.

Press the home button from the remote

2. Press the Up Arrow button once.

Click on the up arrow on your Roku remote

3. Go ahead to press the Rewind button twice.

4. Then, click the fast forward button 2 times.

5. Wait for your Roku device to restart.

Connect Adapter Properly

Make sure to connect the charger to your Roku device and check if you have properly plugged the adapter into the socket. When the adapter has a loose connection, you will encounter Roku’s low power issue. In addition, check if your adapter is working and not damaged. If you find it, you shall opt for a Roku power adapter replacement.

Remove Extensions

Few Roku users will use the Power extension and HDMI cable to pair the TV and Roku. At times, the extension gets damaged or malfunctions and resulting in overheating issues. Removing all the extensions from the Roku device will resolve the issue.

Factory Reset the Roku Device

Hard resetting your TV helps in fixing the issues that take place. Upon factory resetting the Roku device, the low power issue can be fixed

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Then, move to the Settings option.

3. From the menu, select the System.

4. Go ahead to select the Advance System Settings from the menu.

Move to the advance system settings

5. Go to the factory reset and enter the PIN if prompted.

Select the factory reset option to fix the Roku low power

6. To confirm the process click on the start the factory reset option.

Choose to confirm the Start factory reset.

The process resets your device and clears the insufficient issue.

Use a Direct Wall Outlet

It is good to plug the Roku device directly into the wall outlet if Roku keeps saying low power. With this, you will power on the device with the charger that comes along with the device. All you need to do is to plug the adapter into the wall outlet and switch it on to turn on the Roku. You will get the necessary voltage for the device by connecting it directly to the power socket.

Customer support

Even after trying the above methods, if the problem has not been solved, you can contact Roku customer support to solve the problem. For this, you should know which Roku model you are using. To find it, go to Settings, select the System option and click the About option to view the Roku model. You can tell them the issues you are facing with your Roku device, and they will guide you to resolve the issue.


What does Roku low power mean?

This indicates the device isn’t getting enough power for the device to function.