Roku devices are the best for converting normal TV to a smart TV. And I know that you are eager to buy a Roku device. But it may be difficult for you to select the device from the different types of Roku. So, we have picked the best two Roku device models named: Roku Premiere and Roku Ultra. Each device has its own features and functionality. Both allow you to stream up to 4K and HDR (high-dynamic range). Therefore, more or less, both have the same features. However, to make it easy for you to choose between the Roku devices, we have made a comparison of Roku Premiere Vs Roku Ultra. Also, you can find the same in the following section.

Roku Premiere Vs Ultra

Comparing the Roku Premiere Vs Roku Ultra Features

Below are the features based on which you compare Roku Premiere Vs Roku Ultra.

[1] Cost

Roku Premiere: Roku Premiere is much more affordable when compared to the Roku Ultra, but it comes with limited features. And it will only cost you $39.99.

Roku Ultra: Roku Ultra is definitely the premium model that comes with more upgraded features and is a bit costlier when compared to the Roku Premiere, which will land you getting this streaming device at $99.99.

[2] Setup

Roku Premiere: The setup process of Roku Premiere is much easier, and there is no need for any prior knowledge. All you have to do is, plug in the device to the wall and connect it to the HDMI input port on your TV. Next, make sure you’re connected to the Wi-Fi and use the remote to complete the setup process by following the on-screen instructions.

Roku Ultra: Similar to Roku Premiere, setting up your Roku Ultra is also very much easier. However, it has an optional setup feature that can be enabled if needed. There is no need for Wi-Fi since the device has an ethernet port with which a direct connection can be made with the internet modem. Instead of using the IR remote, Ultra supports the Bluetooth remote, which is a much smarter option.

[3] Design

Roku Premiere: Roku Premiere is a tiny device that can be connected to the front of your TV so that the remote control functions properly. You can also use the adhesive strip that comes with the Roku Premiere package to attach the Premiere to any surface.

Roku Ultra: Roku Ultra is larger in size when compared to Roku Premiere. However, it can be placed anywhere around the TV or can even be hidden. It is not necessary for it to be visible since it uses the Bluetooth remote instead of the IR remote. Therefore you can operate the TV using the Bluetooth remote.

[4] Remote

Roku Premiere: Roku Premiere remote is similar to all other remotes with navigation buttons, playback buttons, and shortcuts. For operating your TV, you can use your regular TV remote and not the Roku Premiere remote. Since the Roku Premiere comes with the IR remote, make sure you’re pointing the remote to the sensor for proper functioning.

Roku Ultra: One of the best features of the Roku Ultra is its Bluetooth remote, which works even if the TV isn’t visible. It has all the upgraded functionality along with the option to operate your TV. Apart from the default shortcuts in the remote, there are also these programmable shortcuts with which you can access any app from the Roku store. The remote also consists of a headphone jack where you can connect and use a headphone.

[5] Streaming Quality

Roku Premiere: Using Roku Premiere, you can stream HD, 4K, and HDR quality content. If you’re using the 4K TV, then Roku Premier is the best option to stream high-quality content. It is definitely a cost-friendly option without compromising on your streaming quality.

Roku Ultra: Even Roku Ultra streams HD, 4K, and HDR quality content, including the Dolby Vision. This will give the user a theatre-like atmosphere with high-quality video streaming irrespective of the streaming service you use.

[6] Content

Roku Premiere: Using Roku Premiere, you can access all the content in your Roku store, such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, and so on. Besides all these streaming services, Roku Premiere also allows you to freely search for and download apps and stream your favorite content. In addition, it supports live streaming such as Sports, TV shows, and so on.

Roku Ultra: While using Roku Ultra, you can download any particular app and sign in to stream your favorite content if you have subscribed. The Roku channel store consists of a wide range of apps from which you can freely download the one you desire. Apart from this, there are also music apps like Spotify, news apps like NBC news, etc.

[7] Compatability

As usual, both Roku devices, i.e., Roku Premiere and Roku Ultra, support all the TVs with an HDMI port. To be specific, your Roku ultra and Roku Premiere supports all HD, 4k UHD, and 4k UHD HDR TVs. Also, these Roku devices support the voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. But the only thing that will worry you the most is the Voice support because your Roku Premiere will not come with voice supported remote. So, if you want a Voice supported remote with your Roku device, you can choose the Roku Ultra.

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Disadvantages – Roku Premiere VS Roku Ultra

The following are combined disadvantages of Roku Premiere and Roku Ultra.

Roku Premiere

One of the things you will not be satisfied with is the wireless connectivity. The problem with the wireless connectivity is that it is not as powerful as other Roku TV models. So, the internet speed will not be at its best with the Roku premiere. Also, you will not have a voice search feature with your remote. So, that will be a bigger drawback. In addition, one of the worst drawbacks is that the Roku Premiere does not come with expandable storage. So, it will be difficult to record and store your favorites on Roku Premiere.

Roku Ultra

The one and only drawback with the Roku Ultra is that it is not affordable since you have to pay $99.99 to buy the product. However, other than being costlier, purchasing the Roku Ultra device is worth the money.

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[1] What is the difference between Roku Premiere and Roku Ultra?

The only difference between Premiere and Ultra is that Premiere has only single-band wireless, which leads to interruptions in connectivity while steaming 4K quality videos. In contrast, Roku Ultra is dual-band wireless where you can stream 4K quality videos seamlessly.

[2] Is Roku Ultra worth the extra money?

Yes, definitely, Roku Ultra is worth the extra money since it gives access to a wide range of streaming services and has more upgraded features to stream content seamlessly.